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Nelson 330th CCTS Crew 1663
Nelson 330th CCTS Crew 1663 Summary
The Nelson Crew completed their CCTS (Combat Crew Training School) with the 330th CCTS in Biggs, Texas. They were in the final batch of 32 crews transferred to the 492nd in Alamogordo, New Mexico on 3 Mar 44.
This crew was split up after arriving to Alamogordo. Lt Nelson was demoted to co-pilot and assigned to G Haag Crew 706. Later in England he would be promoted back to pilot and take over the Grettum Crew 714.
The rest of the Nelson crew were reassigned to various crews as shown below.
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Heber Crew 705
G Haag Crew 706
Murray Crew 709
O'Sullivan Crew 713
Brague Crew 718
Orthman Crew 806
Original Roster
Nelson CCTS Crew 1663
Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Nelson, Arthur C 2nd Lt O-691054 Assigned to the 857th BS as co-pilot, G Haag Crew 706.
MOS 1024
Krueger, Ralph C 2nd Lt O-699377 Transferred to the 13th Air Force, 5th BG, 23rd BS, in the South Pacific
MOS 1034
Zink, Darell E 2nd Lt O-703852 Assigned to the 858th BS, Orthman Crew 806.
MOS 1035
Hinds, Hillmon 1st Lt O-659548 Reassignment unknown.
MOS 748
Hernandez, Elias M Sgt 38428503 Assigned to the 857th BS, Murray Crew 709.
MOS 757
Gaul, Clyde E Sgt 15130667 Assigned to the 857th BS, Brague Crew 718.
MOS 612
Picard, Edward E Sgt 13108226 Assigned to the 857th BS, O'Sullivan Crew 713.
MOS 611
York, Donald E Pfc 16039253 Assigned to the 857th BS. We don't know what crew he was assigned to but he was on the 857th roster going over on the Queen Elizabeth.
MOS 611
Gaba, John J Pvt 13087341 Assigned to the 857th BS, G Haag Crew 706.
MOS 611
Mallette, Richard J Pvt 12130659 Assigned to the 857th BS, Heber Crew 705.
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