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Gendreizig Crew 613
 Gendreizig Crew 613
Back row, left to right...
Henry G Gendreizig, pilot
Gerald E Baarsch, co-pilot
Monroe J Behrens, navigator
Armond L Hankin, bombardier
Lanta W Redmond Jr, armorer, gunner
Front row, left to right...
William J Seufert, radio operator
Charles W Allen, engineer
Elbert E Ester, gunner
Herman E Beasley, gunner
Elbert E Ester, gunner
George S Cavanaugh, gunner
Gendreizig Crew 613 Summary
The Gendreizig Crew transferred to the 492nd in Alamogordo, New Mexico as Crew 1632 from the 330th CCTS (Combat Crew Training School) in Biggs, Texas. According to the transfer orders, they arrived without a navigator. 2nd Lt Behrens was assigned to the crew to fill the missing spot. Also Sgt Stevens was sent over to the 858th BS and was replaced by Sgt Redmond. The Gendreizig Crew was assigned to the 856th BS, designated as Crew 613.
The crew was assigned B-24J, 44-40112 and gave it the name, FLAK HAPPY. Capt Gendreizig flew his crew to the UK via the southern route. The ground Crew Chief S/Sgt Cota also flew over with the crew by bumping S/Sgt Redmond onto the Queen Elizabeth.
Gendreizig did not take this crew on any missions. Upon arriving to England, he was promoted to work with Capt Hurley, as the 856th Squadron Assistant Operations Officer. When the squadron's Commanding Officer, Major Losee, became MIA on the 20 June mission, Hurley took acting command of the squadron while Gendreizig took his place. A week later Major Schepis, assumed command of the squadron, thus everyone returning to their old positions. Three weeks later, Schepis went into the hospital. So once again Hurley and Gendreizig moved up. A week later Hurley was also hospitalized. Gendreizig took over the squadron until Major Turner could be brought in. When the 492nd was disbanded, Gendreizig was the Squadron's Operation Officer.
This crew was taken over 2nd Lt Nicholas Kehoe, who had been the Squadron's Assistant Operations Officer. He and Gendreizig had switched places. Kehoe was an experienced pilot who had been with the Group since the days of Col Pierce's command.
The rest of the Crew's history is on the Kehoe Crew 613 page.
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posed in front of
"Flak Happy"
Gendreizig CCT 1632
Kehoe Crew 613
Original Roster for
Gendreizig Crew 613
Position / MOS Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Gendreizig, Henry G
Capt O-437395 Reassigned to Staff
Assistant Operations Officer
Operations Officer
Acting Squadron Commander
MOS 1024
Baarsch, Gerald E 2nd Lt O-702216 Reassigned to Ogden Crew 606
3 Jul 44; transferred to 44th BG, 66th BS
MOS 1034
Behrens, Monroe J 2nd Lt O-704555 28 May; sent to 482nd BG for 30 day training
No record of his return
MOS 1035
Hankin, Armond L 2nd Lt O-695814 KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried in Ardennes, D-13-15
MOS 748
Allen, Charles W S/Sgt 39555395 Promoted T/Sgt
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried in Ardennes, B-36-45
MOS 757
Seufert, William J S/Sgt 35789596 Promoted T/Sgt
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Wall of the Missing, Cambridge
Ball Gunner
MOS 748
Beasley, Herman E Sgt 14151017 Promoted S/Sgt
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Wall of the Missing, Netherlands
Tail Gunner
MOS 748
Ester, Elbert E S/Sgt 39553701 KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried in Ardennes, B-37-22
RW Gunner
MOS 748
Cavanaugh, George S Sgt 15394280 Promoted S/Sgt
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried in the USA
LW Gunner
MOS 612
Redmond, Lanta W Jr Sgt 34802235 Arrived to the UK via the Queen Elizabeth
Promoted S/Sgt
POW, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074, Stalag Luft IV
  Others Who Flew with Gendreizig Crew 613
Crew Chief
MOS 750
Cota, Andrew C S/Sgt 38413328 Flew to England with the crew
Promoted T/Sgt
Gendreizig Crew 613
492nd BG Mission Record
856th Bomb Squadron
Primary Target Mission Notes
 -   -   -   -   -  No missions flown
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