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Fisher Crew 805
Fisher Crew 805 Summary
The Fisher Crew was one of the original crews for the 492nd BG that trained in Alamogordo, New Mexico. They transferred in as crew 1668 from the CCTS (Combat Crew Training School) in Biggs, Texas, on 3 Mar 44. They were assigned to the 858th BS, designated as Crew 805.
Lt Robert Fisher signed out for a B-24J, 44-40152. To our knowledge they didn't name their plane. In April 1944, they flew their assigned aircraft to North Pickenham, England, via the southern route. Their ground Crew Chief, S/Sgt Childs, flew with them, thus bumping Pfc Teal onto the Queen Elizabeth.
By our count, Lt Fisher flew as the aircraft commander for Crew 805 for a total of 3 missions. We can't be positive of all of the personnel changes on some of their missions.
The Fisher Crew participated in the bombing raid to Brunswich on 19 May 44. Without fighter escort the Group was met by about 40 German fighters. They survived the bloody assault, but their ship was badly damaged. They tried to make it back to England, but only got back as far as Holland when they were forced to bail out.
According to Charles Herman in a phone interview, there were ten men on the plane that day. Reports on the Fisher Crew do vary as some claim a 9-man crew while others say there were 10 men. He went on to say that it looked as if the radio operator didn't even try to open his. Perhaps he had been knocked out or was too dazed. He also said that he heard from the others that the co-pilot's chute had failed to open and didn't survive the jump.
He continued his story on how the Dutch tried to help the airmen escape. Some of the crew elected to turn themselves in rather than risk the lives of those willing to help. Others made a run for it with the resistance's help. One airman was smuggled all the way to the Spanish border before getting caught. Eventually they all became POWs.
Lt Mallard's fate hasn't been confirmed. Perhaps that is why there are conflicting accounts. We found him listed in the NARA AAD's POW database, but no camp was given. We're not sure if the casualty count is 2 KIA, 8 POW or 1 KIA, 9 POW. But we are sure that there were 10 MIA, MACR 5243.
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Fisher CCT 1668
Charles Herman
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Fisher Crew 805
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Mission Record
Original Roster for
Fisher Crew 805
Position / MOS Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Fisher, Robert D 2nd Lt O-637321 POW, 19 May 44, MACR 5243, Stalag Luft I
MOS 1024
Mallard, Walter W Jr 2nd Lt O-702307 19 May 44, MACR 5243
fate unconfirmed
MOS 1034
Johnson, Robert H 2nd Lt O-703899 POW, 19 May 44, MACR 5243, Stalag Luft III
MOS 1035
Bagnosco, Angelo 2nd Lt O-695128 POW, 19 May 44, MACR 5243
see Footnotes
Seen ASN as O-695123
MOS 748
Herman, Charles L S/Sgt 37340817 POW, 19 May 44, MACR 5243, Stalag Luft IV
see footnotes
MOS 757
Debowski, Joseph M S/Sgt 13057528 KIA, 19 May 44, MACR 5243
Failed the jump
Buried at Ardennes, D-28-16
MOS 611
Corbin, Clarence A Sgt 34439036 POW, 19 May 44, MACR 5243, Stalag Luft IV
MOS 612
Curtin, Edward J Sgt 32789937 POW, 19 May 44, MACR 5243, Stalag Luft IV
MOS 612
Fain, John H Sgt 16079407 POW, 19 May 44, MACR 5243, Stalag Luft IV
RW Gunner
MOS 612
Teal, Wilfred E Pfc 11088981 Arrived to the UK via the Queen Elizabeth
Promoted Sgt
POW, 19 May 44, MACR 5243, Stalag Luft IV
  Others Who Flew with Fisher Crew 805
Crew Chief
MOS 750
Childs, Arthur E S/Sgt 38193487 Flew to England with the crew
Transferred to 859th
Promoted T/Sgt
MOS 3162
Potter, Floyd A Maj O-400929 Group Flight Surgeon
Fisher Crew 805
492nd BG Mission Record
858th Bomb Squadron
Primary Target Mission Notes
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12 May 44 44-40115 Zeitz, Germany Target: Oil refinery
 Link to Mission 03 page 03
13 May 44   Tutow, Germany Target: Airfield
w/Potter, medical officer
 Link to Mission 05 page 05
19 May 44 44-40152 Brunswick, Germany Target: Marshalling yard
Lost: 2 KIA, 8 POW, MACR 5243
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