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Landry Crew 817
 Landry Crew 817
Back row, left to right...
Charles Moore, bombardier
Jack Burrough, co-pilot
John Landry, pilot
Fred Lowell, navigator
Front row, left to right...
Ed Burr, radio operator
Bill Riggle, tail gunner
Joe Holland, ball turret gunner
Kenneth Hart, nose gunner
Curtis Clauson, engineer
Harold Austin, crew chief
Landry Crew 817 Summary
The Landry Crew was one of the original crews for the 492nd BG trained in Alamogordo, New Mexico. They transferred in as crew 1641 from the CCTS (Combat Crew Training School) in Biggs, Texas, on 3 Mar 44. They were assigned to the 858th BS, designated as Crew 817.
Lt John Landry signed out for a B-24J, 44-40119. Their ship was nicknamed, NIGHT KNIGHT. In April 1944, they flew their assigned aircraft to North Pickenham, England, via the southern route. Their ground Crew Chief, S/Sgt Austin flew with them, thus bumping Sgt Schaefer onto the Queen Elizabeth.
By our count, Lt Landry served as the aircraft commander for Crew 817 for a total of 7 missions. According to Bill Riggle, the crew flew intact on every mission and no one else flew with them.
On 29 May 44 the 492nd made a bombing run against the oil refineries at Politz. They were first attacked by FW-190s followed by another assult from Me-210s and Me-410s. They bombed their target and the attacks continued. They lost 3 engines and a fire errupted at the waist. The plane spun, throwing Moore, the bombardier, out of the plane without a chute. The rest of the crew were able to bail out. Then the plane rolled over twice before losing one of the wings. It crashed in a swamp near Stettin, about 21 kilometers from Wollin and Pommern.
After Landry reached the ground he was immediately taken prisoner by a German officer who said, "I am a German officer. What is your target?" Landry couldn't believe the officer's question since it was obvious from the huge plume of black smoke filling the sky over the refinery. Landry pointed to the smoke, but he couldn't hold back from laughing. For that he was pistol-whipped.
Casualty count: 1 KIA, 9 POW, MACR 5222.
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Landry Crew 817
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Mission Record
Original Roster for
Landry Crew 817
Position / MOS Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Landry, John F 1st Lt O-791945 POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222, Stalag VIIA
MOS 1024
Burroughs, Jack 2nd Lt O-699538 POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222
Seen name as Burrough
Seen ASN as O-699358
MOS 1034
Lowell, Frederick H F/O T-124021 POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222, Stalag Luft III
MOS 1035
Moore, Charles P 2nd Lt O-694471 KIA, 29 May 44, MACR 5222
Netherlands, Wall of the Missing
MOS 748
Clauson, Curtis D S/Sgt 36579730 POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222, Stalag Luft IV
MOS 757
Burr, Edward P S/Sgt 32491335 POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222
Ball Turret
MOS 612
Holland, Joseph B Sgt 19085918 POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222, Stalag Luft IV
Nose Gunner
MOS 611
Hart, Kenneth W Sgt 31296740 POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222, Stalag Luft IV
Tail Gunner
MOS 611
Riggle, William W Sgt 38447425 POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222, Stalag Luft IV
Waist Gunner
MOS 611
Schaefer, Gerard J Sgt 32014100 Arrived to the UK via the Queen Elizabeth
POW, 29 May 44, MACR 5222,
  Others Who Flew with Landry Crew 817
Crew Chief
MOS 750
Austin, Harold H S/Sgt 16051587 Flew to England with the crew
Promoted T/Sgt
Promoted M/Sgt
Landry Crew 817
492nd BG Mission Record
858th Bomb Squadron
Primary Target Mission Notes
 Link to Mission 01 page 01
11 May 44 44-40119 Mulhouse, France Target: Marshalling yard
 Link to Mission 03 page 03
13 May 44   Tutow, Germany Target: Airfield
w/the S-3 Officer
 Link to Mission 07 page 07
23 May 44   Avord, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 08 page 08
24 May 44 44-40119 Melun, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 09 page 09
25 May 44 44-40119 Belfort, France Target: Marshalling yard
 Link to Mission 10 page 10
27 May 44 42-51091 Saarbrucken, Germany Target: Marshalling yard
 Link to Mission 12 page 12
29 May 44 44-40115 Politz, Germany Target: Oil refinery
Lost: 1 KIA, 9 POW, MACR 5222
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