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Bowland Crew R-11
 Bowland Crew R-11
Back row, left to right...
Front row, left to right...
Frank Miller, gunner
Bowland Crew R-11 Summary
The Bowland Replacement Crew arrived at North Pickenham during May of '44. Tosi was assigned to them, as the Crew came in one man short. After they went through some in-house training they were assigned to the 856th BS on 5 Jun 44. We don't know which of the missing crews they replaced.
On 12 Jun 44, they began flying combat missions. By our count they flew 3 missions as a crew. Then they were pretty much wiped out while they had a day off from combat.
They had the day off on 20 Jun 44. Many of the crews within the 856th BS were short-handed that day for a variety of reasons such as illness, injuries, wounds, etc. The members of the Bowland Crew volunteered to fill in. Five of them, on five different crews didn't return from the mission.
With half of the crew missing in action, it was decided to disband the Bowland Crew rather than rebuild it. The remaining five were reassigned to other crews or placed in the orphans pool.
Bowland, the pilot, was reassigned to the Velarde Crew 615. Their original co-pliot, Powers, was promoted to pilot and took command of the Graham Crew 614.
Miller was also reassigned to the Velarde Crew 615. What we don't know is if he joined them at the same time Bowland did.
Albers, the Crew's engineer, spent about a month in the orphans pool before getting assigned to the Hamilton Crew 604. As a crew, the Hamilton Crew finished their 30 mission tour before the Group was disbanded. Their replacements, like Albers, were orphaned. Albers was sent to the new 492nd at Harrington, also known as the Carpetbaggers. Today that group is often called the 801st/492nd BG.
Wells was flying with the Watson Crew R-19 on 7 Jul 44 when they were shot down. We don't know if he was assigned to the crew or if he was filling in for the day. He was eventually laid to rest as part of a group burial at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St Louis, Missouri.
Slater is a mystery to us. So far we haven't been able to find anything to say where he went.
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S/Sgt Grant Wells
Velarde Crew 615
Val Preda Crew 601
Kehoe Crew 613
Faucher Crew R-12
Abbott Crew 609
Graham Crew 614
Watson Crew R-19
Curtis Crew 610
Hamilton Crew 604
by Frank Miller
by Frank Miller
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Bowland Crew R-11
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Original Roster for
Bowland Crew R-11
Position / MOS Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Bowland, Orrin T 2nd Lt O-809915 Promoted 1st Lt
Reassigned as co-pilot for Velarde Crew 615
MOS 1024
Walton, Carey J Jr 2nd Lt O-706020 Lent to Val Preda Crew 601
POW, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7080, Stalag Luft III, w/Val Preda 601
MOS 1034
Grossman, Milton 2nd Lt O-678716 Lent to Kehoe Crew 613
POW, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074, Stalag Luft III, w/Kehoe 613
MOS 1035
Puckett, Oscar C 2nd Lt O-694944 Lent to Faucher Crew R-12
POW, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7084, Stalag VIIA, w/Faucher R-12
MOS 748
Albers, Edward J S/Sgt 19070770 Promoted T/Sgt
Reassigned to Hamilton Crew 604
Transferred to 801st/492nd BG, 858th BS
MOS 757
Jezior, Julius S/Sgt 35046846 Lent to Abbott Crew 609
KIA, 20 Jun 44, 10 KIA, MACR 7075, w/Abbott 609
MOS 748
Miller, Frank J Sgt 18098139 Promoted S/Sgt
Reassigned to Graham/Powers Crew 614
Transferred 10 Aug, to 801st/492nd BG, 858th BS
MOS 748
Wells, Grant L Sgt 39832925 Promoted S/Sgt
Reassigned to Watson Crew R-19
KIA, 19 Jul 44, MACR 7236
Jefferson Barracks Nat'l Cemetery, St Louis, MO
MOS 611
Slater, Wilbur T Sgt 13082235 Promoted S/Sgt
Tosi, Julian Sgt 39414390 Assigned to this crew at North Pickenham
Lent to Curtis Crew 610
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7078, w/Curtis 610
Netherlands, Wall of the Missing
Bowland Crew R-11
492nd BG Mission Record
856th Bomb Squadron
Primary Target Mission Notes
 Link to Mission 25 page 25
12 Jun 44 44-40116 Dreux, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 28 page 28
15 Jun 44 42-95272 La Frilliere, France Target: Railroad bridge
 Link to Mission 30 page 30
17 Jun 44 42-50370 Tours, France Target: Airfield
A/C borrowed from 859th BS
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