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The Arnett Institute, inc
a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation
The Arnett Institute is the workhorse for various projects of historical significance, including this website. Under this organization our projects are initiated and funded to be completed to a projected point.
As the name of this charitable organization might imply, it was established by retired Lt Col Charles W Arnett, a 2nd Lt and pilot with the 492nd at North Pickenham, and his wife Anna and four sons Wayne, Paul, David and Mark.
 Charles Arnett
Paul and David Arnett have developed this website as the first of several Arnett Institute projects. The 492ndbombgroup.com domain name was registered on February 3rd of 2004. Although the site will never be "finished," it reached a significantly robust level by about May of 2005.
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Arnett Institute . . .
With the establishment of our non-profit corporation, the Arnett Institute is now actively inviting tax-deductible donations to further our efforts, which go beyond the scope of just this 492ndBombGroup.com website.
You can make a contribution to the Arnett Institute through the services of PayPal by clicking the piggy bank image above. No PayPal account is required. It's safe, secure, quick and easy.
492ndbombgroup.com web builders
David Arnett (left) and Paul Arnett (right)
(Photo is not a recent one) 

 Paul Arnett Paul Arnett is a petroleum engineer and 492nd researcher/historian. He has probably learned more about the 492nd than most who served in it.
 David Arnett Dave Arnett is a cartoonist turned computer nerd. His artistic and programming skills are second only to countless thousands.
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