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We at 492ndbombgroup.com don't feel the need to set up our own forum here when two very good forums exist elsewhere on the web that will more than cover everyone's needs. Check 'em out.
Click to go to the Army Air Forces forum.
ArmyAirForces.com has created an excellent website with a separate forum for each and every fighter and bomber group. Their 492nd forum is used for communicating details regarding the personnel and aircraft of the 492nd at North Pickenham. Viewing the posted messages is open to all web surfers, but to post a message or reply to messages requires registering with them. Their registration process is free, easy and painless. And it won't increase your spam mail.
Please note that they have a different forum for the 801st/492nd at Harrington as well as other subjects and a general discussion forum. So try to use their forums accordingly.
For best results in posting a message, in the subject line get right to the point of what you're looking for. They already know you are looking for something or have something so just put the name, tail number, MACR number, etc of concern. This quickly catches the eye of those you want to connect with.
Links :  armyairforces.com - Home page
armyairforces.com - Main forum page
armyairforces.com - 492nd Bomb Group forum
B-24 Research Team...
Click to go to the B-24 Research Team forum.
This is a great forum that deals with the B-24 in general. There are a lot of B-24 experts involved with this forum that will field questions concerning the aircraft itself. The website (www.b24bestweb.com) has a great deal of nose art photos and information on individual B-24s. A "must bookmark site" for B-24 enthusiasts. The forum does require registration to participate (in order to control offenders and abusers) but it, too, is free, quick and painless.
Links :   B-24 Research Team home page  (www.b24bestweb.com)
  B-24 Research Team forum page
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