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After 89 days of combat service the 492nd Bomb Group was disbanded
...or more like wiped out.
This website is dedicated to being a free online museum and memorial to the men who served with the ill-fated 492nd Bomb Group during its 89 days at North Pickenham. We collect stories of the men, their planes and their missions and present it all here. Our goal is to provide a place for each man so that his family can come visit and remember their own personal hero.
"Two 492nd Bomb Groups?"
It's the subject of the most frequently asked question we get and a source of great confusion.
Yes, there were indeed two 492nd Bomb Groups.
Toward the end of the summer of 1944, the 8th Air Force was ordered to disband one of its B-24 groups for the purpose of handing over its identity to the OSS arm in the ETO, the 801st Provisional Group, aka the Carpetbaggers. This group had been sucessfully conducting covert missions for several months and was in need of a working cover. Due to their high casualties, the 492nd was chosen or, as their commander Col Snavely said, "We drew the black bean."
Thus, there were two separate 492nd Bomb Groups during WWII. This one, the original 492nd, flew daylight bombing missions out of North Pickenham until August 7 of 1944.
The other, the 801st/492nd (the Carpetbaggers), flew covert night missions out of Harrington. They took on the designation of 492nd Bomb Group after August 13 of 1944.
Their website: 801st/492nd Bomb Group - the Carpetbaggers
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