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North Pickenham
 Bob Herbert at North Pickenham
Our plans for this North Pickenham page seem to have taken a back seat to other matters. We have been collecting bits of information and an assortment of photos, but are still far from having enough to accomplish what we want to cover here...
 •  the history of North Pickenham up to WWII
 •  the impact of WWII on the people of the area
 •  the impact of the Station 143 itself
 •  post-war life in North Pickenham
 •  North Pickenham today; what there is to see and do there
Eventually we'll split all this material into two distinct pages...
 •  one for the village of North Pickenham
 •  another for the air field at North Pickenham
North Pickenham Links
a photographic guided tour
Richard Flagg's
Airfields & Aviation
RAF North Pickenham
photos of Station 143
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