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492nd Bomb Group Aircraft
There were 73 original and 45 replacement aircraft in the 492nd. Those are the ones that we consider to be "492nd Bomb Group Aircraft."
Other aircraft did come through North Pickenham Airfield, but were transferred away before seeing any action with the 492nd.
All the aircraft in the 492nd were B-24 Liberators, all models either B-24H or B-24J.

The B-24 has been overshadowed by the B-17, which has consistently been touted by media and authors as the only bomber that did anything in WWII.
US Bomber Production in WWII
B-24 (H) Liberator  18,256
  B-17 (H) Flying Fortress   12,692  
  B-25 (M) Mitchell 9,816  
  A-20 (L) Havoc 7,385  
  B-26 (M) Marauder 5,157  
  B-29 (VH) Superfortress 3,970  
  A-26 (L) Invader 2,449 *
*Part of 9,831 Douglas bombers of similar design built
The production ratio of B-17s to B-24s was 17:24 — a very interesting coincidence.
The percentage of B-17s lost was comparable to the number of B-24s lost. The chances of survival were the same regardless of the aircraft flown.
All USAAF aircraft produced in WWII helped win the war.
Source: Al Blue
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About the B-24 Liberator
by Al Blue
The photo above shows the B-24 "S.O.L." 44-40066 in the foreground flying the right-wing postion in a three-plane element formation.
The S.O.L. flew 3 missions with the 492nd. This photo, however, was taken after it was transferred to the 458th BG, 753rd BS, as evidenced by the different tail marking.
Photo courtesy: www.458bg.com with information supplied by Al Blue.
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