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492nd Bomb Group Association — Still Flying
Still Flying
Veterans of the 492nd Bomb Group known to still be with us...
Bailey, Wayne Navigator, Young Crew R-27 R-27
Baker, Francis Gunner, Gaulke Crew 602 602
Ball, Owen 1st Sgt, 859th BS 859th
Bastien, Dick Co-pilot, Nelson Crew 714 714
Bean, Edwin Gunner, Nutt Crew R-28 R-28
Beasley, Bud Gunner, Shannon Crew R-32 R-32
Beatty, Frank Pilot, Beatty Crew R-42 R-42
Berger, William Radio Operator, Bridges Crew 702 702
Billiard, Francis Navigator, Platinsky Crew 816 816
Billing, Bill Navigator, Leahy Crew R-17 R-17
Bradley, Robert Engineer, Scott Crew 712 712
Bridges, Wyman Pilot, Bridges Crew 702 702
Brown, James Co-pilot, Daly Crew 605 605
Brown, Kenneth Engineer, Ogden Crew 606 606
Bruce, Ernest Staff, 856th BS 856th
Bugaj, Ernest Staff, 857th BS 857th
Bunnell, Charles Co-pilot, Graham Crew 614 614
Burkhalter, Harold Co-pilot, J Harris Crew 707 707
Byrd, James Bombardier, Cary Crew R-16 R-16
Carter, Robert Engineer, Nelson Crew 714 714
Clark, Edward Tail Gunner, Platinsky Crew 816 816
Curtin, Edward J Gunner, Fisher Crew 805
POW 19 May 44
Dipadua, Michael Radio Operator, Abbott Crew 609 609
Dracopoulos, Chris Defense Gunner, 326th 326th
Dunnam, Blackie Pilot, Dunnam Crew R-46 R-46
Edwards, Edward Bombardier, Taylor Crew R-04 R-04
Edwards, Paul H Radio Operator, Shalvoy Crew 618 618
Faucher, George Pilot, Faucher Crew R-12 R-12
Goloven, Ralph Navigator, F Haag Crew 611 611
Graven, Thomas Co-pilot, Stanhope Crew 710 710
Harper, John Gunner, Both Crew R-44 R-44
Hoehn, Bernard A Gunner, J Harris Crew 707 707
Johnson, Leo Bombardier, Roseborough Crew R-18 R-18
Keiter, Howard Co-pilot, Liggett Crew 701 701
Kliss, Melvin L Gunner, Abernethy Crew R-14 R-14
Linn, Howard Waist Gunner, Brantley Crew 905 905
Malaske, Arnold V Engineer, Velarde Crew 615 615
McMahon, Harold Radio Operator, Hamilton Crew 604 604
Moore, Hope Navigator, McLaughlin Crew 811 811
Plunkett, Donald Bombardier, Bridges Crew 702 702
Rosenberry, Glen R Bombardier, Murray Crew 709 709
Sabol, Allen Gunner, Both Crew R-44 R-44
Schmitz, Fredrick J Waist Gunner, Mock Crew 804 804
Schulze, Clarence W "Dutch" Pilot, Schulze Crew R-39 (909) R-39
Thomas, Robert "Bud" Co-pilot, Young Crew R-27 R-27
Vetter, Clyde Crew Chief, 858th BS 858th
West, Dick Bombardier, Prytulak Crew 907 907
Whitcomb, James Nose Gunner, Brothers Crew R-23 R-23
Whitefield, Don Navigator, Uebelhoer Crew 904 904
Wilson, Lawrence Co-pilot, Testa Crew R-13 R-13
Wolslager, James W Bombardier, Beard Crew 603
Transferred to 801st/492nd BG
Woods, Gilbert Navigator, Mock Crew 804 804
51 veterans of the 492nd Bomb Group are known to still be with us.
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