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Database of 492nd Bomb Group Personnel, Indexed by Last Name
Here's how the Personnel Index works...
Click on any letter of the alphabet above and a list will be generated of all index listings with last names beginning with that letter that we've logged into our database so far.
The generated listings will give the following kind of information...
•  Last Name, followed by initials
•  Rank (highest rank while with the 492nd)
•  Crew/Unit (crew or squadron or attached unit number)
•  Fate/Notes  (any short, useful info we have)
Name column...
Indicates that a Personal Bio page has been created for that man.
Click on the underlined link to go to that page.
Indicates that no Personal Bio page has yet been created for that man.
MouseOver any name and a "tool tip" will display the man's complete rank and name (like in the example above).
Crew/Unit column...
Each listing is a link to what we consider to be the starting point with the 492nd at North Pickenham for that man, be it a crew, staff or attached unit.
Click the underlined link to go to that page.
Links to crew pages are in dark brown. Links to staff or attached unit pages are in light brown.
The number of Personal Bio pages we have online is growing at a supersonic snail's pace. Until a greater number of Bios have been completed (or are under construction), we'll put direct links to them on this page (to the right). They serve as examples of what could be put together for your personal hero.
We cannot research nor create these Bio pages entirely on our own. We'll assist you all we can and will even put together the HTML coding for you, but the bulk of the work will have to be done by you. If you are one of those vets or are related to one, please gather your information and photos together and get them to us.
These links to a few Bio pages should serve as good examples of just how robust they can be.
Alexander, E J Jr
Arnett, C W
Beasley, W H
Capossela, J T
Centore, N
Drilling, J E
Farrell, J P
Haar, E J
Herman, C L
Janton, R C
Leister, R L
Lindsey, R O
McMahon, H R
Nelson, T A
Paul, M M
Prytulak, D
Robertson, U F
Taylor, J J
Waggoner, O F
White, W E
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