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Database of 492nd Bomb Group Personnel, Index - K
Rank Crew/Unit Fate/Notes 147 
Kahler, E B Jr
Sgt 326th n/a
Kahler, H M
T/5 882nd n/a
Kahn, B A
Sgt 701 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Kaiser, A G
S/Sgt 714 Transferred 448th BG
Kalata, V J
Sgt 802 KIA 19 May 44
Kalinoski, S R
Cpl 859th n/a
Kalway, R F
Sgt 492nd 1 Jun transferred in from 44th BG
Kamiotka, F J
Cpl 856th 7 Jun MOS 750 to 752
Kapp, O W
Pvt 856th 30 Jul MOS 521 to 590
Kapps, E F
Cpl 859th n/a
Karayeanes, P
Pfc 479th 4 Aug transferred to 1261st MP
Kaseman, R
2nd Lt R-38 Transferred 467th BG
Kaspar, C C
S/Sgt 479th n/a
Kasparek, C W
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 239
Kasper, A R
2nd Lt R-05 KIA 20 Jun 44
Kaufman, E L
Cpl 326th 30 Jul MOS 755 to 756
Kaufman, R C
2nd Lt R-05 KIA 20 Jun 44
Kay, G C
2nd Lt R-37 Transferred 467th BG
Kaye, J W Jr
2nd Lt 858th Communication Officer, MOS 0200
Kayes, T S
Cpl 479th n/a
Kean, W J
T/Sgt 601 POW 20 Jun 44
Keegan, L J
Cpl 479th n/a
Keehn, R L
2nd Lt 602 Interned 29 May 44, Sweden
Keeler, W J
1st Lt 918 Transferred 44th BG
Keenan, T J
2nd Lt 909 Transferred 44th BG
Kehoe, N B Jr
1st Lt 613 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden; MOS 2161
Keiter, W H
F/O 701 n/a
Kelder, H
Cpl R-58 Transferred 467th BG
Kell, R W
2nd Lt 856th n/a
Kelleher, E F
T/Sgt 816 Interned 11 Jul 44, Switzerland
Keller, S J
2nd Lt 818 KIA 19 May 44
Kelley, F A
Pfc 859th 30 Jul MOS 521 to 590
Kelley, F E
Sgt 858th 19 Jun to 859th, MOS 687
Kelley, J G
Pfc 326th driver
Kelley, M T
S/Sgt 616 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Kellum, R H
T/5 1450th 31 Jul MOS 405 to 821
Kelly, J S
T/Sgt 913 KIA 7 Jul 44
Kelly, J J
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 911
Kelly, J R
2nd Lt R-21 Transferred 466th BG
Kennedy, C L
S/Sgt 714 Transferred 448th BG
Kennedy, J E
2nd Lt R-23 Transferred 467th BG
Kennedy, R E
1st Lt 1450th n/a
Kennedy, T
1st Lt 857th 23 May transferred in; 17 Jun transferred out
Kennedy, W H
Sgt 856th n/a
Kennelly, H J
2nd Lt 812 Transferred 93rd BG
Kenner, R H
Sgt 857th n/a
Kennon, C L
2nd Lt 816 Interned 11 Jul 44, Switzerland
Kent, D C Jr
S/Sgt 609 KIA 20 Jun 44
Keough, J E
T/Sgt 701 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Kern, M J
2nd Lt R-01 KIA 23 Jun 44
Kernis, M
2nd Lt 910 POW 7 Jul 44
Kerr, E V
Sgt 856th n/a
Kerr, R L
S/Sgt 611 KIA 7 Jul 44
Kerr, W
S/Sgt 614 n/a
Kervan, F T
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 860
Kessinger, C G
Sgt 856th n/a
Kessler, E A
S/Sgt R-57 Transferred 467th BG
Ketchen, J C
2nd Lt 859th 1943, Armament Officer
Keyes, J M
S/Sgt 856th Crew Chief, MOS 750
Khail, W
Cpl 479th n/a
Kidney, S J
M/Sgt 859th Crew Chief, MOS 750
Kieffer, R L
F/O 858th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Kielbaso, T W
Pfc 326th 7 Jul MOS 005 to 601
Kiesol, K D
S/Sgt R-50
Kijowski, F J
Pvt 479th driver
Killmeyer, F J
2nd Lt R-39 Transferred 467th BG
Kilowski, J
Sgt 479th n/a
Kilpatrick, D M Jr
1st Lt R-06 KIA 7 Jul 44
Kimball, Robert E
S/Sgt 858 19 Jun; to 856, MOS 612
Kimball, R E
S/Sgt 858th 19 Jun to 856, MOS 612
Kincaid, M S
Pfc 858th 19 Jun to 859th, MOS 932
King, C C
Sgt R-51 Transferred 467th BG
King, F A
S/Sgt R-60 Transferred 467th BG
King, G A
S/Sgt R-08 Transferred 467th BG
King, O L
Pfc 326th 30 Jul MOS 603 to 601
Kingsley, F R
T/Sgt 912 Transferred 467th BG
Kingston, T J
F/O 905 Transferred 467th BG
Kinnard, R M
Capt 858th Executive Officer
Kinney, R T
2nd Lt 859th n/a
Kinzer, J B
T/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Kirbens, S M
Sgt 326th MOS 502; 28 May to 1450th; 15 Jul to 492nd
Kirchner, J E
Pfc 857th n/a
Kirschner, I
S/Sgt R-35 Transferred 36th BS (RCM)
Kirychuk, J I
Sgt 857th Air Echelon, MOS 405
Kish, J J
F/O R-46 Transferred 467th BG
Kizziar, G H
Cpl 479th n/a
Klassens, J
Pvt 859th 30 Jul MOS 747 to 590
Klasztorowski, A B
Sgt 718 KIA 19 May 44
Klein, D
Pvt 326th 30 Jul MOS 603 to 601
Klein, H R
Sgt 856th n/a
Kleiner, H H
1st Lt 859th 11 Jun transferred in
Kline, V M
Sgt 718 KIA 19 May 44
Kliss, M L
S/Sgt R-14 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Knierieman, L G
2nd Lt R-85 Transferred 467th BG
Knight, L W
2nd Lt 915 KIA 18 Jun 44
Knight, R J Jr
S/Sgt 606 Transferred 44th BG
Knollenberg, V F
Cpl 479th n/a
Knott, V L
Pfc 1287th 31 May assigned to 858th
Knox, R B
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 932
Koelmel, H H
Sgt 856th n/a
Kohout, R T
S/Sgt 918 POW 7 Jul 44
Kohut, E H
Cpl R-85 Transferred 467th BG
Kolbet, L
Cpl 2108th n/a
Kolkhorst, L R
T/Sgt 1450th 31 Jul MOS 413 to 965
Kollinger, E V
1st Lt 616 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Koltun, I E
1st Lt R-10 Transferred 445th BG
Konioczny, R J
Pfc 326th n/a
Konstand, G
Capt 711 Transferred 44th BG
Kontos, N
T/5 1450th n/a
Koon, L P
Cpl 479th 5 Jun MOS 405 to 835
Korklan, E S
Cpl 857th Air Echelon, MOS 945
Kormos, F
T/Sgt 611 POW 7 Jul 44
Kosbab, R F Jr
S/Sgt 492nd 30 Jul MOS 275 to 502
Kosen, K W Jr
T/Sgt 706 Transferred 44th BG
Kossey, T G
T/Sgt 812 KIA 20 Jun 44
Koven, H E
F/O R-02 Transferred 44th BG
Kowaleski, E
M/Sgt 859th Crew Chief, MOS 750
Kraft, R
S/Sgt R-18 Transferred 467th BG
Krahmer, E L
S/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 683
Krajewski, W J
Pfc 859th n/a
Krantz, H M
Sgt R-49 Transferred 467th BG
Kraus, S J
Pvt 1450th 31 Jul MOS 521 to 590
Krear, R S
2nd Lt R-14 KIA 6 Jul 44
Kretz, A J
Sgt R-34 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Kriegel, W P Jr
1st Lt 914 Transferred 467th BG
Krippner, C H
Pfc 859th 31 Jul transferred in
Krishe, H E
Pvt 857th MOS 345; 7 Jul MOS to 521; 30 Jul MOS to 590
Kristynik, J J
T/Sgt 616 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Kritzborg, D
Cpl 326th n/a
Krogh, J W
Cpl 858th 19 Jun to 856th, MOS 911
Krohn, A C
M/Sgt 856th 7 Jun MOS 747 to 750
Krotz, W
Sgt 479th n/a
Krueger, R L
2nd Lt 857th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Krueger, W
F/O 607 WIA 4 Jun 44
Krull, E
S/Sgt R-38 Transferred 467th BG
Kubicki, J L
Sgt 856th n/a
Kubilis, E F
M/Sgt 858th Crew Chief, MOS 750
Kudla, W F
Sgt R-55 Transferred 467th BG
Kuecker, R G
1st Lt R-07 Transferred 44th BG
Kugel, A
1st Lt 904 Transferred 44th BG
Kuhl, R E
Cpl 479th n/a
Kuhlmeier, T F
Sgt R-47 KIA 6 Aug 44
Kuhn, H C
T/Sgt 915 KIA 18 Jun 44
Kull, T E
Sgt 859th 19 Jun to 859th, MOS 747
Kulowski, J
Sgt 479th n/a
Kuntz, J E
1st Lt 616 Transferred 801/492nd BG
Kurtz, L L
Sgt 859th Assistant Crew Chief w/Sterling Kidney
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Group number (ie; 492nd) or Attached Unit number (ie; 326th) at North Pickenham.
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