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858th Bomb Squadron Staff and Ground Echelon
These are the staff and ground echelon of the 858th Bomb Squadron not assigned to a combat crew. There were some men who had changes in assignment that did have them serving with an air crew, as well as with the staff. Our objective is to supply as much information as we can about what these men did. As with the other squadrons, we will put here all the information pertaining to the squadron as it is collected.
The 858th had the only squadron commander with prior combat experience. Major Robert J Hambaugh had already completed a combat tour in the Southwest Pacific flying A-20s for the 3rd Attack Group. For his bravery and ourstanding service in the Pacific he had been awarded the Silver Star.
One of the primary functions of each squadron was to keep their planes in flying condition. Each squadron's ground echelon was huge, requiring a lot men to maintain and repair those planes. The German guns did their best to keep the ground crews busy.
On 19 June, the 858th was somewhat disbanded. Hambaugh took his command staff along with the unit designation to Cheddington for night leaflet dropping. His ground echelon, air crews and airplanes were divided up and reassigned to one of the other three squadrons. Thus, to follow the individual histories of the men becomes extremely difficult.
The links on this page listing the Officers and Enlisted Men that served in the 858th are incomplete and spotted with errors. We have not found any list made by the Army Air Force, the 492nd or by the 858th. We've compiled these lists by collecting bits and pieces from official records, special orders and from written accounts by the veterans themselves. By default, we've added to the staff listings all of the names we found that couldn't be identified as having been assigned to a particular crew. Our lists are a work in progress and will be corrected as new information comes in from our visitors.
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