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33 Months As A POW In Stalag Luft III:
A WWII Airman Tells His Story
by Albert P Clark
An American World War II prisoner tells his story of the Great Escape.
Many fascinating stories of the Great Escape have been told since the end of World War II. Not until now has the story of General Albert P Clark, the first combat personnel captured in US uniform by the Germans, been told. In his 33 months in the infamous prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III, General Clark was involved in and responsible for directing escape work among American prisoners. His tale of courage and perseverance is accentuated by the stark photographs he took from the inside with a pinhole camera.
Published 2005 by Fulcrum Publishing
224 pages · paperback
ISBN-10: 1555915361
ISBN-13: 978-1555915360
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My War: From Bismark to Britain and Back
The Letters of Ruth Register and The Diary of Edith Christianson
Edited by Christine C Woods
A book that reveals an overlooked aspect of service in the war. Ruth Register volunteered for the American Red Cross after her husband was killed in the Pacific. Her war story is a round trip ticket from North Dakota to Europe and back. Her contribution is equal to that of any other.
Brian Mahoney's book, Reluctant Witness, has a chapter dedicated to Ruth as she served with the 492nd. Her story will run you through every emotion as she paints her daily life working in Allied war camps. It should be made into a movie!
Published 2005 by Trafford Publishing
357 pages · quality trade paperback (softcover)
Catalogue #04-2243 · ISBN 1-4120-4435-9
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