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492nd Bomb Group Ground Units
 492nd BG HQ
The organizational structure of the 492nd Bombardment Group (H) was broken down into five basic units...
   492nd Bomb Group Headquarters 
   856th Bomb Squadron 
   857th Bomb Squadron 
   858th Bomb Squadron 
   859th Bomb Squadron 
Each of these support units were again divided into what was called the air echelon and ground echelon. Not everyone assigned to the air echelon flew combat missions, but they were all directly involved in its operations.
As the name implies, the ground echelon's duties supported the air echelon. These people weren't allowed to fly combat, but were just as important to the welfare of the operations as anyone.
 Attached Units
There were also a number of other specialized units attached to the 492nd under the command of Colonel Snavely. They, too, performed various essential duties necessary to conduct the air operations. These "attached" units were...
   326th Complement Station Squadron
   479th Sub Depot 
   882nd Chemical Company (AD) 
   1234th Quartermaster Company 
   1261st Military Police Company 
   1287th Military Police 
   1450th Ordnance Company 
   2108th Engineer Aviation Firefighter Platoon 
   2967th Finance Detachment 
Needless to say, winning the war was a team effort. It took a lot of people to support the air crews who took the fight to the enemy. Their contributions to the air war were invaluable.
We're aware of other units that were attached to North Pick, such as the 266th Medical Dispensary (Avn), but further info about them still eludes us. Same goes for Red Cross, USO and other organizations. Perhaps in time.
The links to the right will present any data we've so far collected regarding these units and will present lists of the individual personnel that are known to have served with them.
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492nd Bomb Group Units
 492nd BG Headquarters 
856th Bomb Squadron
857th Bomb Squadron
858th Bomb Squadron
859th Bomb Squadron
Attached Units
326th Complement
Station Squadron
479th Sub Depot
882nd Chemical
Company (AD)
1234th Quartermaster
1261st Military Police
1287th Military Police
1450th Ordnance
2108th Engineer
Firefighter Platoon
2967th Finance
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