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Jaques Crew 909
 Jaques Crew 909
Back row, left to right...
Thomas Keenan, bombardier
Thomas Chaffee, navigator
Louis Jaques, pilot
Leland Hawkley, co-pilot
John Taylor, 492nd BG, 859th BS Commander
Front row, left to right...
Ralph Alexander, ball turret gunner
Clyde Brown, engineer
John Ashman, tail gunner
Carl Brown, radio operator
(holding "Flaps" their mascot cocker spaniel)
Harold Goodwin, waist gunner
Not in the photo...
Leland Abbey, waist gunner
Jaques Crew 909 Summary
The Jaques Crew was one of the original crews for the 492nd BG that trained in Alamogordo, New Mexico. They transferred in as crew 1661 from the 330th CCTS (Combat Crew Training School) in Biggs, Texas, on 3 Mar 44. They were assigned to the 859th BS, designated as Crew 909.
Capt Louis Jaques Jr signed out for a B-24J, 44-40069. To our knowledge they didn't give their plane a nickname. In April 1944, they flew their assigned aircraft to North Pickenham, England, via the southern route. Their Squadron Operations Officer, Lt Taylor, flew with them, thus bumping Sgt Abbey onto the Queen Elizabeth.
Jaques flew as the aircraft commander for Crew 909 for one mission. Afterwards, he was promoted to serve in the command staff. The Crew became the Group's pool for replacements and substitutes.
Carl Brown and Ralph Alexander had been assigned to fill in for a couple of sick men on the Brantley Crew 905. The mission was scrubbed and rescheduled for the following day. In the meantime their passes to London had come through. Two men from the Haar Crew 912 ended up flying with Brantly instead. You could say that they were substitutes for the substitutes. When Brown and Alexander returned from London they learned that the Brantley ship had not come back. They were assigned to fill the vacated positions on the Haar crew. It wasn't until after the war that they learned that the two men they had replaced had been killed.
Hawkley was reassigned to Jacks Crew 918 and became a POW when they were shot down on 7 Jul 44. Capt Jaques was also captured on the same day while performing his duty as an Air Leader flying with Harding Crew 902. We're still working on finding the fate of the other men.
Chaffee was briefly put into the orphans pool until the O'Sullivan Crew lost their navigator on 29 May mission to Politz. By this time his new crew had already flown seven missions to his one. So when the O'Sullivan Crew finished their tour, he was still six short. He was reassigned to the Haag Crew 706 when they were transferred to the 44th BG on 10 August 1944 and completed his tour with them.
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Jaques CCT 1661
Brantley Crew 905
Haar Crew 912
Jacks Crew 918
Harding Crew 902
Davis Crew 704
McGowan Crew R-08
O'Sullivan Crew 713
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Jaques Crew 909
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Mission Record
Original Roster for
Jaques Crew 909
Position / MOS Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Jaques, Louis Jr
Capt O-372868 22 May, reassigned to 858th staff
19 Jun, reassigned to 492nd staff
7 July 44, POW, w/Harding Crew 902
MACR 7229
MOS 1024
Hawkley, Leland G
2nd Lt O-699368 Reassigned to Jacks Crew 918
POW, 7 Jul 44, MACR 7232, Stalag Luft VIIA
MOS 1034
Chaffee, Thomas L 2nd Lt O-704147 Reassigned to O'Sullivan Crew 713
Promoted 1st Lt
Reassigned to Haag Crew 706
10 Aug 44 transferred 44th BG
MOS 1035
Keenan, Thomas J 2nd Lt O-694452 10 Jun 44, transferred to 44th BG as extra bombardier on Davis Crew 704
MOS 748
Brown, Clyde E S/Sgt 35694212 15 May, promoted T/Sgt
MOS 757
Brown, Carl E
S/Sgt 33408872 15 May, promoted T/Sgt
Reassigned to Haar Crew 912
MOS 612
Alexander, Ralph W
Sgt 6247961 15 May, promoted S/Sgt
Reassigned to Haar Crew 912
MOS 611
Ashman, John W
Sgt 13083142 15 May, promoted S/Sgt
MOS 748
Goodwin, Harold L Sgt 11083567 15 May, promoted S/Sgt
Reassigned to McGowan Crew R-08
MOS 611
Abbey, Leland
Pvt 12084312 Arrived to the UK via the Queen Elizabeth
1 Jun, promoted Cpl
15 Jun, promoted Sgt
  Others Who Flew with Jaques Crew 909
Staff Officer
MOS 2161
Taylor, John J 1st Lt O-421636 859th Squadron Operations Officer
Flew to England with the crew
Promoted Capt
10 Aug, transferred to 467th BG
Promoted to 788th BS Commander
Promoted Major
Jaques Crew 909
492nd BG Mission Record
859th Bomb Squadron
Primary Target Mission Notes
 Link to Mission 02 page 02
12 May 44 44-40130 Zeitz Target: oil refinery
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