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2108th Engineer Aviation Firefighter Platoon
A firefighter's job is just as hazardous in peacetime as it is in wartime. Perhaps the only difference at North Pickenham was that they had to deal with plane crashes as well. For the most part these firefighters spent their time engaged in routine duties involving fire prevention. They conducted safety inspections, enforced fire codes, distributed extinguishers and created contingency plans.
We are still trying to put together this unit's history. Most of the time during which the 492nd was at North Pickenham, Capt Thomas H Langham was in command of this unit. However, we did uncover some records showing that Langham had also served with the 326th Complement Station and the 859th BS.
Our assumption is that this unit stayed on at North Pickenham when the 492nd was disbanded.
The links on this page listing the Officers and Enlisted Men that served in the 2108th are incomplete and are sure to contain errors. We've compiled these lists by collecting bits and pieces from official records, special orders and from written accounts by the veterans themselves. We are in the process of trying to figure out who all was in the 2108th and what they did. Our lists are a work in progress and will be corrected as new information comes in from our visitors.
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