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326th Complement Station Squadron
The boys in the 326th Complement Station Squadron were the ones running the base itself. The jobs within the squadron were numerous. They took care of many of the functions from cooking in the mess hall to running the control tower. If there were any jobs not covered by any of the specialty units, then chances were the 326th was doing it. The men in the 326th were also issued weapons for defending the base in case of enemy invasion.
The squadron was under the command of Major Arthur W Bledsoe who proved to be more than capable. He had close to 200 men under him. They were probably the most spread out unit at North Pickenham, as Bledsoe had men working everywhere. When the 492nd was disbanded in August, the 326th remained at North Pickenham to serve the 491st BG.
The links on this page listing the Officers and Enlisted Men that served in the 326th are incomplete and prone to contain errors. We've compiled these lists by collecting bits and pieces from official records, special orders and from written accounts by the veterans themselves. We are in the process of trying to figure out who all was in the 326th and what they did. Our lists are a work in progress and will be corrected as new information comes in from our visitors.
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