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Database of 492nd Bomb Group Personnel, Index - C
Rank Crew/Unit Fate/Notes 222 
Cable, J V
S/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 860 to 852
Cabral, S C
S/Sgt 904 Transferred 44th BG
Cabrera, P O
Pfc 1261st 31 Jul, MOS 590 to 677
Calicchio, F A
T/Sgt 912 KIA 19 May 44
Cambren, W J
S/Sgt 479th 5 Jun; MOS 405 to 835
Camp, G D
T/Sgt R-21 Transferred 466th BG
Campbell, C W
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 932
Campbell, C
Pvt 859th 30 Jul, MOS 521 to 590
Campbell, G M
S/Sgt 708 Transferred 44th BG
Campbell, J J
2nd Lt 856th Communications Officer, MOS 0200
Campion, F M
T/Sgt 809 KIA 7 Jul 44
Campolo, D J
Cpl 856th n/a
Cannon, G J
S/Sgt R-22 Transferred 93rd BG
Cantor, S J
2nd Lt 818 KIA 19 May 44
Capers, F R
S/Sgt 911 Transferred 467th BG
Caplinger, W Jr
1st Lt 906 POW 12 Jul 44
Capossela, J T
S/Sgt 901 Transferred 467th BG
Cappellini, J
Sgt R-29 Transferred 466th BG
Capporelli, J
Pfc 859th n/a
Caputo, A P
2nd Lt 857th Transferred out while at Alamogordo
Carlisle, E F
Capt 479th n/a
Carlson, A R
Pvt 856th n/a
Carlson, L A Jr
2nd Lt 856th 1943; Engineering Officer
Carlson, R M
T/Sgt R-22 Transferred 93rd BG
Carlucci, J A
Pvt 2108th 7 Aug, MOS 458 to 383
Carnovale, A J Jr
T/5 1261st n/a
Carpenter, C E
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 911
Carpenter, R K
Pvt 856th 30 Jul, MOS 521 to 590
Carraro, A J
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Carrol, L
2nd Lt R-27
Carroll, J P
1st Lt 856th Squadron Navigator
Carry, T L
S/Sgt 856th 14 Jun; transferred in, MOS 607; MOS to 805
Carson, T M
Pvt 859th 3 Aug transferred in, MOS 911
Carter, A
S/Sgt 808 Transferred 801/492nd BG
Carter, G J
2nd Lt R-31 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Carter, J A
T/Sgt 804 Completed 30 mission tour
Carter, J A
Pvt 326th 25 Jun; sent to US 4210th hospital
Carter, J M
S/Sgt 901 Transferred 44th BG
Carter, R S
2nd Lt R-44 POW 4 Aug 44
Carter, R N
T/Sgt 714 Transferred 448th BG
Carter, W L
Pfc 326th 30 Jul, MOS 590 to 405
Carty, H E
S/Sgt 856th n/a
Carusone, R J
T/Sgt R-14 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Cary, J I
2nd Lt R-16 KIA 7 Jul 44
Casaday, A M
S/Sgt 606 Transferred 44th BG
Casati, R H
2nd Lt 326th Signal Corps; seen name as Casti
Cash, R L
S/Sgt R-09 POW 20 Jun 44
Castator, T L
S/Sgt 857th MOS 754
Castellotti, E A
M/Sgt 858th Crew Chief; MOS 750
Casti, Robert H
2nd Lt 326 Signal Corps
Castillo, B
Pvt 859th 30 Jul, MOS 521 to 590
Castillo, R
Pfc 479th n/a
Castro, J
Pfc 856th n/a
Caswell, N R
Pfc 492nd n/a
Cataldo, G S
S/Sgt R-19 POW 7 Jul 44
Catt, C G
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Catt, Richard
Sgt 856 1 Aug, S/Sgt; hard to read
Catt, R J
S/Sgt R-35 Transferred 36th BS (RCM)
Cauichon, L V
Sgt 857th 27 Jul trsnsferred in; MOS 866
Cavallo, L V
Pfc 1450th 7 Aug, MOS 201 to 014
Cavanaugh, G S
S/Sgt 613 KIA 20 Jun 44
Cawthon, J S
1st Lt 1450th n/a
Cearley, H W
S/Sgt 816 Interned 11 Jul 44, Switzerland
Cecil, F J
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 807 to 805
Centore, N
T/Sgt 601 POW 20 Jun 44
Cervini, M A
Cpl 856th n/a
Chaffee, T L
1st Lt 909 Transferred 44th BG
Chamberlain, R S
T/Sgt R-42 Transferred 467th BG
Chamberlain, W S
1st Lt R-07 Transferred 44th BG
Chambers, J J
2nd Lt 857th Engineering Officer; MOS 4823
Champagne, R J
Sgt 326th n/a
Chandler, D J
S/Sgt R-10 Transferred 445th BG
Chandler, W M
2nd Lt 858th Assistant Operations Officer
Chapman, J M Jr
Sgt 859th n/a
Chapman, O W
2nd Lt R-04 Transferred 801/492nd BG
Chappas, W J
2nd Lt R-59 Transferred 467th BG
Chartier, M
S/Sgt 608 KIA 20 Jun 44
Chase, E C
Pfc 326th n/a
Chase, G F
Pfc 856th 30 Jul, MOS 345 to 901
Chatfield, C H
Pvt 857th n/a
Chauvin, A R
M/Sgt 1450th 7 Aug, MOS 585 to 815
Chavez, G R
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Chido, C E
Capt 492nd 1943, Group Engineering Officer
Chilcote, D G
Capt 492nd Engineer Officer; MOS 4823; 19 Jun; to 858th
Childs, A F
S/Sgt R-14 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Childs, A E
T/Sgt 858th Crew Chief; MOS 750; 19 Jun; to 859th
Chin, H W F
2nd Lt 858th 1943, Engineering Officer
Chocklett, E R
Sgt R-19 n/a
Chovanec, L S
Cpl 856th 7 Jun, MOS 932 to 813; 30 Jul, MOS to 014
Christensen, C S
1st Lt R-43 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Chumura, P T
T/5 1450th n/a
Cimei, A R
Cpl 858th n/a
Ciotta, A F
Pfc 858th n/a
Cipolla, A J
Cpl 856th n/a
Ciullo, J A
Sgt 813 POW 19 May 44
Clarey, E W
1st Lt 916 Transferred 467th BG
Clark, E L
S/Sgt 816 Interned 11 Jul 44, Switzerland
Clark, F D
Cpl 857th n/a
Clark, F E
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 405
Clark, J J
Cpl 479th n/a
Clark, M T
2nd Lt R-32 Transferred 406th BS
Clark, R K
F/O 618 WIA 11 May 44, returned to US
Clark, R L III
2nd Lt R-41 Interned 21 Jul 44, Switzerland
Clark, R W
Cpl 858th n/a
Clark, S R
F/O 814 Interned 6 Jul 44, Sweden
Clark, W W
2nd Lt R-50
Clarke, R A
1st Lt R-43 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Clarke, W K
2nd Lt R-40 Transferred 801st/492nd, 858th BS
Clauson, C D
S/Sgt 817 POW 29 May 44
Clawson, R D
S/Sgt 908 Completed 30 mission tour
Clay, L D
Sgt 859th 11 Jul transferred in; MOS 747
Clayman, H L
Pfc 859th flew w/Walker R-41
Cleaver, J J
T/Sgt 856th n/a
Clegborn, R D
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 409
Clen, G E
Sgt 326th n/a
Clifton, E H
Pfc 856th n/a
Clinch, G G
1st Lt 901 Transferred 44th BG
Cluck, L O
Pfc 1261st n/a
Cludray, H L
Cpl 858th 19 Jun; to 859th, MOS 911
Coates, J O
T/Sgt R-06 KIA 7 Jul 44
Cocosa, S J
S/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon; 30 Jul, MOS 555 to 756
Cody, B E
Cpl 858th n/a
Cohen, M M
Pfc 479th n/a
Cohen, S
1st Lt 857th Instructor Pilot; already completed combat tour
Coil, J J
Cpl 859th n/a
Coldbach, R H
Cpl 856th n/a
Cole, J
1st Lt 859th n/a
Collier, J B Jr
Cpl 858th 19 Jun; to 859th, MOS 685
Collier, P J
S/Sgt R-34 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Collins, J A
Sgt 858th n/a
Colt, E C
T/Sgt R-03 Transferred 446th BG
Colwell, J W
2nd Lt R-29 n/a
Colyer, H D
1st Lt 815 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Comtois, R J
Cpl R-61 Transferred 467th BG
Confer, L L
Sgt R-48 Interned 4 Aug 44, Sweden
Conklin, J J
2nd Lt 810 Interned 18 Jun 44, Sweden
Connell, J D Jr
Sgt 856th 23 May, to 492nd; Mos 070
Conner, F
S/Sgt 812 KIA 20 Jun 44
Conner, W A
Sgt 492nd Wounded in Alamogordo
Connolly, J J
S/Sgt 858th n/a
Conrow, S M
2nd Lt R-54 Transferred 467th BG
Conroy, D G
S/Sgt 856th n/a
Conroy, W J
T/Sgt 714 Transferred 448th BG
Console, J
Cpl 857th 8 Jun; MOS 017 to 060
Constantine, A J
S/Sgt 856th 24 Jun; transferred in, MOS 612
Contant, R A
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 555; 30 Jul, MOS to 756
Contioso, A A
S/Sgt 813 KIA 19 May 44
Converse, G A
1st Lt 704 Transferred 44th BG
2nd Lt R-39 can't read first name
Cook, C E
Sgt 858th n/a
Cook, D
Pfc 1234th n/a
Cook, N C
1st Lt 858th 1 Mar 44; obtained from 445th BG, 700 BS
Cook, W V
Sgt R-34 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Cookerow, M W
S/Sgt 604 Transferred 801/492nd BG
Coomer, EJ
Sgt 713 Completed 30 mission tour
Coon, J W
Pvt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 911
Cooper, R W
Sgt 859th 11 Jul transferred in; MOS 747
Cooperstock, H
S/Sgt 492nd n/a
Corbett, J H
2nd Lt 917 Transferred 467th BG
Corbin, C A
Sgt 805 POW 19 May 44
Corbin, R L
S/Sgt 801 WIA 29 May 44
Cordon, J S
Sgt 326th n/a
Cordova, T A
Cpl R-59 Transferred 467th BG
Corkey, T A
T/Sgt 808 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Corley, J T
S/Sgt R-03 Transferred 446th BG
Cornett, M L
S/Sgt R-23 Transferred 467th BG
Corricky, J
T/Sgt R-32 Transferred 406th BS
Corrigan, A J
Cpl 479th n/a
Cory, A J
Capt 856th 1943, Intelligence Officer
Cosgriff, J
S/Sgt R-38 Transferred 467th BG
Costa, A Jr
Sgt 326th n/a
Cota, A C
T/Sgt 856th Crew Chief; MOS 750
Cotey, R L
S/Sgt 618 KIA 7 Jul 44 w/McMurray 801
Cotton, J
2nd Lt 611 KIA 7 Jul 44
Cottrell, J H
Pfc 859th n/a
Coughlin, P V
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 686
Coulborn, G H
2nd Lt 859th n/a
2nd Lt 856th Transferred 20 Jun to 93rd BG; Engineering Officer
Coulter, R A
T/Sgt 859th n/a
Courey, E C
1st Lt 1450th n/a
Courington, R D
T/Sgt R-25 Transferred 467th BG
Coury, G A
Sgt R-51 Transferred 467th BG
Covin, B E
Sgt 858th 19 Jun to 859th, MOS 932
Covington, W L
2nd Lt 802 KIA 19 May 44
Cox, J H
Sgt 859th 14 Jun transferred in, MOS 807; 30 Jul MOS to 805
Cox, O S
S/Sgt 906 POW 12 Jul 44
Craig, A M
2nd Lt 858th Cryptographic Security Officer (Signal Corps)
Craig, D E
Pfc 859th n/a
Craig, J D
S/Sgt R-31 KIA 18 Jul 44
Craig, W K
S/Sgt 916 WIA 27 Jun 44, returned to US
Crane, W T
Sgt 858th 19 Jun to 856th, MOS 932
Cravens, C K
1st Lt R-24 Transferred 44th BG
Crediford, J W Jr
Sgt 326th n/a
Cridling, V E
2nd Lt R-36 Transferred 467th BG
Crismore, O H
Cpl 856th 30 Jul, MOS 237 to 650
Criss, R J
Pfc 1261st n/a
Croft, D C
2nd Lt R-40 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Cromer, G W
Sgt 859th n/a
Cromley, E E
S/Sgt 916 Transferred 467th BG
Cromwell, A W
2nd Lt 1234th n/a
Cronemeyer, B B
T/Sgt 907 Transferred 44th BG
Cross, G
Cpl 858th n/a
Cross, R L
Pfc 492nd n/a
Crowley, C E
2nd Lt 713 Completed 30 mission tour
Crowley, J M
S/Sgt 611 POW 7 Jul 44
Crowley, W E
S/Sgt R-07 Transferred 44th BG
Cser, F
F/O R-26 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Cudworth, R W
1st Lt 703 Transferred 44th BG
Cullen, G D
Cpl 858th n/a
Culross, M
S/Sgt R-23 Transferred 467th BG
Culwell, R W
2nd Lt 859th n/a
Cummings, W N
S/Sgt 479th n/a
Cunningham, H R
Cpl R-59 Transferred 467th BG
Cunningham, W M
Sgt 479th n/a
Cunnings, R L
Sgt 326th n/a
Curray, T M
1st Lt 859th 1943, Intelligence Officer
Curry, H E
Pvt 326th 30 Jul, MOS 603 to 601
Curry, R E
Sgt 479th n/a
Curtin, E
Sgt 805 POW 19 May 44
Curtis, J R
1st Lt 610 KIA 20 Jun 44
Czachur, C J
Pfc 856th n/a
Czaja, F W
S/Sgt 479th n/a
If not assigned to a crew, the Crew column will show the Squadron number (ie; 857th),
Group number (ie; 492nd) or Attached Unit number (ie; 326th) at North Pickenham.
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