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Database of 492nd Bomb Group Personnel, Index - D
Rank Crew/Unit Fate/Notes 152 
Dacey, T J
Pvt 326th 28 May to 1450th; MOS 835; 7 Aug, MOS 521 to 590
Dagan, M R
Cpl 858th n/a
Dagenhart, R J
Cpl 858th n/a
D'Agostino, I D
Sgt 858th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Dailey, B W
Sgt R-19 KIA 7 Jul 44
Dailey, J
T/Sgt R-38 Transferred 467th BG
Daleo, E I
Pfc 858th 29 May to 857th; MOS 521; 30 Jul, MOS to 590
Dallon, J Jr
M/Sgt 858th Crew Chief, MOS 750; 19 Jun; to 859th
Daly, R P
1st Lt 605 Interned 27 May 44, Switzerland
Damato, S J
Pvt 859th 30 Jul, MOS 521 to 590
Daniel, C W
Pfc 2108th 26 May to 856th
Daniel, N C
S/Sgt 615 Transferred 801/492nd BG
Daniels, E E
Pfc 859th n/a
D'Aquino, L
T/Sgt 810 Interned 18 Jun 44, Sweden
Darascavage, J A
S/Sgt 857th 8 Jul transferred in; MOS 748
Darbyshire, A R
S/Sgt 906 POW 12 Jul 44
Darelius, R G
Capt 492nd 1943, Assistant Operations Officer
Darrow, W H
Capt 1261st Station Provost Marshal
Darter, C F
M/Sgt 859th Crew Chief, MOS 750
Daspit, W C
WOJG 857th Ground Echelon
Daszkiewicz, C A
Pvt 326th 28 May to 1450th, MOS 755
David, H L
S/Sgt 903 Transferred 467th BG
David, M E
S/Sgt 915 n/a
Davidson, J K
2nd Lt R-57 Transferred 467th BG
Davies, G B Jr
S/Sgt R-13 Transferred 44th BG
Davis, A C
S/Sgt 711 Transferred 44th BG
Davis, C H
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 911
Davis, C F
Sgt R-16 KIA 7 Jul 44
Davis, D J
S/Sgt R-42 Transferred 467th BG
Davis, D M
Capt 704 Transferred 44th BG
Davis, E A
2nd Lt 812 KIA 20 Jun 44
Davis, E L
Capt 492nd Intelligence Officer; MOS 9301
Davis, F
2nd Lt 859th 1943, navigator
Davis, G E
1st Lt 857th Ground Echelon; Historical Officer
Davis, H R
Cpl 856th n/a
Davis, J L
S/Sgt 858th n/a
Davis, J M
Pfc 858th n/a
Davis, P E
Pfc 859th 30 Jul, MOS 521 to 590
Davison, B
Pfc 326th 30 Jul, MOS 055 to 405
Day, K F
Cpl 2108th n/a
Day, L E
2nd Lt 910 POW 7 Jul 44
Day, P G
2nd Lt R-59 Transferred 467th BG
De Blois, P A
2nd Lt 859th Transferred 467th BG
De Gregorio, B
2nd Lt R-15 POW 7 Jul 44
Dean, G E Jr
Sgt 859th n/a
Debowski, J M
S/Sgt 805 KIA 19 May 44
Debrowolski, C T
T/Sgt 704 Transferred 44th BG
DeBrular, E P
S/Sgt 607 KIA 4 Jun 44
Decker, D W
S/Sgt R-12 POW 20 Jun 44
DeGood, T R
2nd Lt R-10 Transferred 445th BG
Del Prete, R F
S/Sgt R-14 KIA 6 Jul 44
Delacy, L M
Pvt 479th 5 Jun; MOS 685 to 521
DeLay, J H
Cpl 858th 19 Jun to 859th, MOS 932
Della Rocca, D
Sgt R-54 Transferred 467th BG
DeLonis, J J
Sgt 858th 19 Jun to 856th, MOS 747; 30 Jul, MOS to 750
DeLuck, C M
Pfc 859th n/a
DeMaio, S
Pfc 858th 7 Jun; MOS 521 to 932
DeMill, J C
Cpl 857th 8 Jun; MOS 244 to 932
Deneen, L M
Pfc 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 901
Denison, H F
Pfc 859th 30 Jul, MOS 521 to 590
Denisuk, A
2nd Lt 807 Transferred 93rd BG
Dennis, W D
Sgt R-45 Transferred 453rd BG
Denny, R L
T/Sgt 603 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Denton, F G
S/Sgt 807 Transferred 93rd BG
DeRose, W J
2nd Lt 718 POW 19 May 44
Derrick, A A Jr
Capt 858th Medical Officer, MOS 3160; 13 Jun; to 857th
Des Jardins, E R
1st Lt 903 Transferred 467th BG
Des Rosiers, N R
WOJG 859th Armament Officer; MOS 4822
Devine, G H
S/Sgt 915 KIA 18 Jun 44
DeVisser, H O
S/Sgt 905 KIA 19 May 44
DeVoll, W E
S/Sgt 904 Transferred 44th BG
DeVries, A A
T/Sgt 811 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Dewey, R W
Pfc 858th n/a
Dewyer, W T
Cpl 857th 8 Jun; MOS 521 to 237
Dezarlo, L A
S/Sgt 810 Interned 18 Jun 44, Sweden
Dichter, L
2nd Lt 606 KIA 20 Jun 44
Dickerson, R H
Sgt R-48 Interned 4 Aug 44, Sweden
Dickson, W K
1st Lt 616 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Dieck, F H
S/Sgt 901 Transferred 44th BG
Diernfield, L
2nd Lt 326th Infantry
Diggens, T G
S/Sgt R-17 Transferred n/a
Diggs, T M
2nd Lt R-12 POW 20 Jun 44
Dilello, A
Cpl 858th n/a
DiMola, F J
Sgt 858th 19 Jun to 857th, MOS 686
Dipadua, M G
T/Sgt 609 n/a
DiPirro, F J
Pvt 1261st n/a
DiPrima, R S
Cpl 858th n/a
Dixon, J A
Pvt 859th 30 Jul, MOS 521 to 590
Dixon, R E
S/Sgt 918 Transferred out at Kansas
Dobbs, E R
S/Sgt R-33 Interned 21 Jul 44, Switzerland
Dobbs, R B
Pfc 858th 5 Jun; MOS 521 to 060
Docken, A G
M/Sgt 857th Crew Chief, MOS 750
Dodge, L T
T/Sgt 857th 30 Jul, MOS 813 to 502
Doell, J R
S/Sgt 708 Transferred 44th BG
Doepker, R E
S/Sgt 606 Transferred 44th BG
Doherty, D T
1st Sgt 1234th 30 Jul, MOS 585 to 502
Dolenshek, R
Sgt 479th n/a
Dolph, H A
1st Lt 859th n/a
Domas, J
S/Sgt R-24 Transferred 44th BG
Domino, J C
S/Sgt R-18 Transferred 467th BG
Domroe, A J
T/Sgt R-45 Transferred 453rd BG
Donabour, T E
Pvt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Donnelly, H A
M/Sgt 858th MOS 752; 19 Jun to 859th; 30 Jul, MOS to 750
Donner, L J
Pvt R-58 Transferred 467th BG
Donovan, E B
S/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 505
Dooling, R K
T/Sgt 1261st 8 Jul transferred in; MOS 757
Dooling, W G Jr
Sgt R-09 KIA 20 Jun 44
Dorow, H E
Sgt 718 POW 19 May 44
Dorsey, C
T/Sgt 616 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Dover, W D
Cpl R-56 Transferred 467th BG
Dow, B S
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 807
Dowell, K A
S/Sgt R-18 Transferred 467th BG
Dowling, L F
S/Sgt 492nd 13 Jun to 858th, MOS 502
Downes, R J
S/Sgt 618 Transferred 44th BG
Downing, F A
T/Sgt 903 Transferred 467th BG
Dowyer, W T
Pfc 857th n/a
Doxey, R A
Pvt 1450th 7 Aug, MOS 911 to 014
Doyle, N
Pfc 859th n/a
Doyle, R K
1st Lt 808 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Dracopoulos, C C
Pvt 326th n/a
Drake, M S
Sgt 857th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Dreyer, W H
Sgt R-50
Drieso, A T
Sgt 859th Transferred out at Kansas; Crew Chief, MOS 750
Drilling, J E
2nd Lt R-03 Transferred 446th BG
Driver, C L
Sgt 859th n/a
Drohan, F M
Sgt 857th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Drucker, J
S/Sgt 858th 4 May transferred in, MOS 748; 19 Jun to 859th
Dryden, V B
1st Sgt 1261st MP Company
Capt 492nd Medical Officer
Duff, J A
S/Sgt R-36 Transferred 467th BG
Duffner, L E
1st Lt 858th 1 Mar from 445th BG; 19 Jun to 326; 31 Jul to 859
Duggan, E M
Pfc 1234th n/a
Duke, H M
Sgt 479th n/a
Dukes, C J
S/Sgt 492nd B-24 Mobile Training Unit 25
Dukes, G E
Capt 492nd Communications Officer
Dukes, J E
T/Sgt 608 KIA 20 Jun 44
Dulka, A J
S/Sgt 712 Completed 30 mission tour
Dunbar, B E
T/Sgt 479th n/a
Duncan, C G
S/Sgt 479th n/a
Duncan, J P
S/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 821
Dunn, P E
Cpl 479th n/a
Dunn, T J
1st Lt 326th Air Corps
Dunnam, B C
Capt R-46 Transferred 467th BG
Dunnam, F O
1st Lt 804 Completed 30 mission tour
Duran, P W
Sgt R-44 POW 4 Aug 44
Duris, C A
Sgt 479th n/a
Durkee, H E
S/Sgt 856th n/a
Durtsche, J F
S/Sgt R-21 Transferred 466th BG
Duval, J A
Cpl 859th n/a
Dvorak, C H
Pfc 858th MOS 521; 13 Jun to 492nd; 30 Jul MOS to 590
Dwyer, J F
S/Sgt 809 n/a
Dzanaj, J B
2nd Lt R-03 Transferred 446th BG
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Group number (ie; 492nd) or Attached Unit number (ie; 326th) at North Pickenham.
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