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Database of 492nd Bomb Group Personnel, Index - W
Rank Crew/Unit Fate/Notes 158 
Waber, R D
Pfc 326th n/a
Wade, G K
Sgt 326th 30 May to 492nd, MOS 345
Waggoner, O F
T/Sgt R-35 Transferred 36th BS (RCM)
Wald, R I
Cpl 479th n/a
Waldorf, H B
1st Lt 806 Transferred 44th BG
Walhgren, E C
2nd Lt 701 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Walker, F J
S/Sgt 857th n/a
Walker, H L
S/Sgt 859th n/a
Walker, I B
Sgt 857th n/a
Walker, J S Jr
Cpl 479th n/a
Walker, W M
2nd Lt R-41 Interned 21 Jul 44, Switzerland
Wall, F W
Sgt 858th n/a
Wallace, B J
Sgt 857th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Wallace, W W
2nd Lt 859th 1943, Supply Officer
Wallen, C L
2nd Lt R-17 Transferred n/a
Walls, F E
2nd Lt 858th 1943, Supply and Transportation Officer
Walmsley, A A
Cpl 326th n/a
Walton, C J
2nd Lt R-11 POW 20 Jun 44
Warakomski, C H
2nd Lt 718 POW 19 May 44
Ward, A W
M/Sgt 857th 21 Jun transferred in, MOS 752
Ward, W H
2nd Lt 906 Transferred 467th BG
Ware, W M
T/5 882nd n/a
Warnaar, S N
T/Sgt 856th Crew Chief, MOS 750
Warner, G A
2nd Lt 912 Transferred 467th BG
Warren, L P
S/Sgt 906 POW 12 Jul 44
Waske, C
Pfc 1261st n/a
Wassen, K C
S/Sgt R-42 Transferred 467th BG
Watson, C H
1st Lt 856th n/a
Watson, E L
2nd Lt R-19 KIA 7 Jul 44
Watson, J B
Sgt 611 n/a
Watson, L J
Sgt 858th n/a
Way, N O
S/Sgt R-35 Transferred 36th BS (RCM)
Way, P L
M/Sgt 857th Crew Chief, MOS 750
Webb, F W
S/Sgt 705 Interned 11 Jul 44, Switzerland
Webster, H T
Pfc 856th 7 Jun MOS 521 to 055
Wegzen, A F
Cpl 856th n/a
Wehagen, D R
S/Sgt 616 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Weidman, A B
2nd Lt 912 Transferred 467th BG
Weinreich, W
Cpl 479th n/a
Weinstein, M
Capt 2967th n/a
Weishaar, H C
2nd Lt 857th Armament Officer
Weissbrod, F W Jr
1st Lt 857th 8 Jun transferred in
Welch, T
Cpl 859th n/a
Welling, W F
S/Sgt R-28 Transferred n/a
Wells, G L
S/Sgt R-11 KIA 7 Jul 44
Wells, M C Jr
2nd Lt 801 KIA 7 Jul 44
Welsh, J F
2nd Lt 857th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Wengel, C H
S/Sgt 614 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Wenner, T S
1st Lt R-24 Transferred 44th BG
Wensel, H L
S/Sgt 607 KIA 4 Jun 44
Wesson, R S
1st Lt 615 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Wesson, W H
1st Lt R-33 Interned 21 Jul 44, Switzerland
West, F
Sgt 818 POW 19 May 44
West, J H
Lt Col 492nd 1943, Executive Officer
West, R M
2nd Lt 907 POW 7 Jul 44
Weyh, R M
Pfc 859th n/a
Whalen, J T
Pfc 858th 19 Jun to 857th, MOS 405
Wheeler, R F
Cpl 858th n/a
Wheelis, J B
1st Lt 858th 25 May transferred in; 13 Jun to 856th
Whitcomb, J V
S/Sgt R-23 Transferred 467th BG
White, C L
S/Sgt 856th 4 May transferred in, MOS 612
White, E J
Pvt 326th 30 Jul MOS 603 to 601
White, G B
Cpl 856th n/a
White, H D
S/Sgt 710 Transferred 44th BG
White, J F
2nd Lt 856th Transferred out at Alamogordo
White, L H
Sgt 326th 23 May to 492nd, MOS 502
White, R M
M/Sgt 858th Crew Chief, MOS 750
White, R D
1st Lt R-34 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Whitefield, D D
1st Lt 904 Transferred 44th BG
Whitely, G S III
2nd Lt 705 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
White, W E Jr
S/Sgt 604 Completed 30 mission tour
Whitlock, O L
Pvt 326th 28 May to 859th, MOS 677
Whitman, C
F/O 903 Transferred 467th BG
Whitmore, J F
T/Sgt R-03 Transferred 446th BG
Whitsitt, W H
1st Lt 710 Transferred 44th BG
Wicks, R A
Pvt 856th 30 Jul MOS 911 to 590
Wiers, F J
S/Sgt R-39 Transferred 467th BG
Wierz, A L
S/Sgt 856th n/a
Wikoff, J W
2nd Lt 808 n/a
Wilcox, K B
M/Sgt 858th n/a
Wilcox, W O
2nd Lt 858th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Wild, T E
2nd Lt R-60 Transferred 467th BG
Wiley, A E
2nd Lt 859th 1943, Pilot
Wiley, C A
2nd Lt R-32 Transferred n/a
Wilkerson, R E
Pvt 882nd 4 Aug to 1261st
Wilkie, W M
S/Sgt 609 KIA 20 Jun 44
Wilkins, W R
Pvt 856th Transferred
Willard, E F
S/Sgt 610 KIA 20 Jun 44
Williams, B
2nd Lt R-52 Transferred 467th BG
Williams, D
Cpl 856th NCO Gas Officer
Williams, E D
S/Sgt 901 Transferred 44th BG
Williams, F J
Sgt 605 Interned 27 May 44, Switzerland
Williams, F F
S/Sgt 857th 8 Jun MOS 405 to 826
Williams, H R
Pfc 856th 30 Jul MOS 521 to 590
Williams, J W
Sgt 905 POW 19 May 44
Williams, K
Sgt 859th Transferred
Williams, L R
Cpl 856th 7 Jun MOS 521 to 747
Williams, L J
Sgt R-30 Transferred n/a
Williams, L D
S/Sgt 615 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Williams, R O
Sgt R-41 Interned 21 Jul 44, Switzerland
Williams, R S
S/Sgt 813 KIA 19 May 44
Williams, T F
Cpl 857th Air Echelon, MOS 861
Williams, W R
1st Lt 902 Transferred 467th BG
Williams, W
S/Sgt 618 WIA 11 May 44, returned to US
Williams, W A
2nd Lt 606 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Willis, J H
T/Sgt 806 Transferred 44th BG
Wilobski, T A
Pfc 882nd n/a
Wilson, A T
Sgt 858th n/a
Wilson, C G
Sgt R-57 Transferred 467th BG
Wilson, C C
S/Sgt 859th n/a
Wilson, E G
Cpl 859th 30 Jul MOS 677 to 747
Wilson, H E
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 860
Wilson, J E
1st Lt R-02 Transferred 44th BG
Wilson, L M
1st Lt R-13 Transferred 44th BG
Wilson, W W
Sgt 856th n/a
Winden, R V
S/Sgt R-46 Transferred 467th BG
Winecromer, E M
Sgt 858th n/a
Wing, J G
T/Sgt 809 KIA 7 Jul 44
Wing, N S
2nd Lt 856th 1943, Supply and Transporatation Officer
Winn, L W
2nd Lt 856th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Winner, W L
Cpl 1234th n/a
Wintermeyer, N J
S/Sgt R-03 Transferred 446th BG
Winters, J
Cpl 479th n/a
Winton, S F
2nd Lt 856th 1943, Communications Officer
Wirebaugh, A J Jr
Sgt 858th 18 Jun MOS 750 to 748
Wirth, A G
1st Lt 811 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Wise, E E
T/5 882nd n/a
Wiseman, D E
2nd Lt 816 Interned 11 Jul 44, Switzerland
Wisner, H M
2nd Lt 612 POW 20 Jun 44
Wold, R A
S/Sgt 856th 30 Jul MOS 747 to 750
Wolf, D C
1st Lt 911 Transferred 467th BG
Wolfe, A A
Sgt 479th n/a
Wolfe, C H
T/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 687
Wolslager, J W
1st Lt 603 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Wood, D E
S/Sgt 859th n/a
Wood, E V
Sgt R-31 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Wood, F R
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 860
Wood, R L
Pvt 859th 30 Jul MOS 241 to 590
Woods, C W
2nd Lt 856th n/a
Woods, G W
2nd Lt 804 Completed 30 mission tour
Woods, G D
T/Sgt 918 POW 7 Jul 44
Woods, J L
Pfc 1261st n/a
Woods, L J
1st Lt 714 Transferred 448th BG
Woods, W T Jr
Sgt R-57 Transferred 467th BG
Woodson, R M
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Woodworth, D R
T/Sgt 811 Transferred n/a
Woodward, J C
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 911
Wool, M D
1st Lt 856th 7 Jun transferred in
Woolbright, S C Jr
S/Sgt R-25 Transferred 467th BG
Woolsey, T G
1st Lt 603 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Worthington, G G
Sgt 602 Interned 29 May 44, Sweden
Wray, W
Pvt 1261st n/a
Wright, A E Sr
Pvt 858th 19 Jun to 859th, MOS 911
Wright, G D Jr
1st Lt 708 Transferred 44th BG
Wright, R R
T/Sgt 856th 8 Jul transferred in, MOS 757
Wrobel, G R
2nd Lt R-06 KIA 7 Jul 44
Wutkiewicz, W E
2nd Lt 715 Interned 11 Jul 44, Switzerland
Wymond, P C
2nd Lt 718 POW 19 May 44
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Group number (ie; 492nd) or Attached Unit number (ie; 326th) at North Pickenham.
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