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Database of 492nd Bomb Group Personnel, Index - P
Rank Crew/Unit Fate/Notes 144 
Pabst, L C
Pfc 492nd 2 Jun to 326th
Paczkowski, C P
Pfc 326th n/a
Padgett, M M
Pvt 859th 18 May transferred in, MOS 590
Page, J J
2nd Lt R-05 KIA 20 Jun 44
Page, J L
Sgt R-40 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Paine, C L
S/Sgt 856th n/a
Palasch, G C
S/Sgt 859th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Palermo, J S
1st Lt 807 Transferred 44th BG
Palma, A A
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 911
Papermeyer, A
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 686
Parent, R S
Sgt R-61 Transferred 467th BG
Parke, H W
T/Sgt R-27 Transferred 36th BS (RCM)
Parker, G J
1st Lt 711 Transferred 44th BG
Parker, G W
Pfc 326th 30 Jul MOS 060 to 333
Parker, H E
Sgt R-30 Transferred n/a
Parker, H S
Sgt R-55 Transferred 467th BG
Parker, J M
M/Sgt 1450th 31 Jul MOS 413 to 965
Parker, S C
Capt 857th Adjutant
Parnell, G C Jr
Sgt R-40 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Parrish, H G
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Parten, D O
Sgt 856th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Parvi, H E
S/Sgt R-40 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Pascual, R
1st Lt 801 KIA 7 Jul 44
Pattangall, M Jr
2nd Lt R-38 Transferred 467th BG
Patten, J F
Cpl 492nd n/a
Patterson, J E
2nd Lt 810 Interned 18 Jun 44, Sweden
Patterson, R E
Sgt R-12 KIA 20 Jun 44
Paul, M M
Capt 917 Transferred 467th BG
Paules, R L
T/Sgt 603 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Pauley, R H
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Paulin, H D
1st Lt 882nd CWS
Paulson, D L
T/Sgt 707 Interned 20 Jun 44, Sweden
Paulson, R M
S/Sgt R-16 KIA 7 Jul 44
Pawlak, T J
Sgt 859th n/a
Payne, E A
Capt 326th Medical Corps; May to 2nd BD HQ
Peacock, D J
Pfc 857th 30 Jul MOS 521 to 590
Pearce, I R
S/Sgt 608 KIA 20 Jun 44
Pearce, W F
Cpl 857th Air Echelon, MOS 405
Pearson, J T
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Pease, R
2nd Lt R-38 Transferred 467th BG
Pechewlys, P J
S/Sgt R-24 Transferred n/a
Pederson, K S
T/Sgt R-20 Transferred 458th BG
Peirson, F J
S/Sgt 479th n/a
Pelkey, E E
Capt 815 KIA 7 Jul 44
Pellegrino, C H
Sgt 859th Transferred out at Alamogordo
Pelletier, R A
S/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Pellow, E V
Cpl 859th n/a
Peltz, V
S/Sgt 818 KIA 19 May 44
Pemberton, E
M/Sgt 479th n/a
Penberthy, R W
S/Sgt 902 POW 7 Jul 44
Pender, T W
Cpl 479th n/a
Peradotto, L
Cpl 858th n/a
Perelman, L
2nd Lt 856th 1943, Communications Officer
Perkins, J T
Pfc 326th 28 May to 856th, MOS 522; 30 Jul, MOS to 590
Perkins, P A
1st Lt 492nd WP
Perrault, A L
Pfc 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 861
Perrotti, P
S/Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 060; 8 Jun MOS to 824
Perry, D L
T/Sgt 492nd MOS 620
Perry, M D
Cpl 326th 30 Jul MOS 055 to 590
Perry, P J
S/Sgt 618 Transferred 36th BS (RCM)
Perry, P W
2nd Lt R-21 Transferred 466th BG
Perry, W J
Sgt 703 Completed 30 mission tour
Perry, W J Jr
S/Sgt 857th n/a
Person, R F
S/Sgt R-39 Transferred 467th BG
Petelle, E H
S/Sgt 710 Transferred 44th BG
Peters, J
S/Sgt 856th 7 Jun MOS 405 to 502
Peters, J F
2nd Lt R-52 Transferred 467th BG
Peters, J L
F/O R-14 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Peters, J F
S/Sgt 857th Transferred 458th BG
Peterson, C E
2nd Lt 856th 16 Apr Squadron Historian
Peterson, K T
Sgt 492nd 30 Jul MOS 405 to 055
Peterson, R E
2nd Lt R-56 Transferred 467th BG
Petrie, C R
Sgt R-41 Interned 21 Jul 44, Switzerland
Petrock, S
Sgt 858th 19 Jun to 857th, MOS 747
Petrowsky, J A
T/Sgt 1234th 30 Jul MOS 821 to 383
Peugeot, B P
Pfc 1234th n/a
Pfeifer, T L
2nd Lt 917 Transferred group unknown
Phillips, B D
Cpl 859th 30 Jul MOS 060 to 590
Phillips, C W
Sgt 856th n/a
Phillips, M H
S/Sgt 859th 4 May transferred in, MOS 612
Piazza, F
Pfc 1261st n/a
Picard, E E
S/Sgt 713 Completed 30 mission tour
Pierce, A J
Col 492nd 1943, Group Commander
Pierce, D C
S/Sgt 717 POW 19 May 44
Pierce, D E
S/Sgt 601 KIA 20 Jun 44
Pipher, A
Sgt 479th n/a
Pipkin, J B
Sgt 326th n/a
Pique, J D Jr
F/O R-22 Transferred 93rd BG
Pirtle, J G
S/Sgt 811 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Pitcock, E R
Sgt 858th n/a
Pitsenbarger, E D
1st Lt R-26 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Pittman, R L
Capt 857th Assistant Operations Officer
Planchard, A G
T/Sgt 479th n/a
Platinsky, S
1st Lt 816 Interned 11 Jul 44, Switzerland
Platts, S W
Sgt 1261st n/a
Pleasant, D N
S/Sgt 809 KIA 7 Jul 44
Plucar, M C
S/Sgt 859th 8 Jul transferred in, MOS 748
Plunkett, D A
1st Lt 702 Transferred 44th BG
Podgers, Frederick W
Sgt 857 Ground Echelon, MOS 747
Polzin, G
S/Sgt 857th n/a
Polzin, G A
S/Sgt 915 RTD, 18 Jun 44
Pompelli, J W
Sgt R-34 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Ponikiewski, S
Cpl 479th n/a
Pontius, D W
T/Sgt R-36 Transferred 467th BG
Poole, D N
Pvt 859th 30 Jul MOS 521 to 590
Poriss, J
1st Lt 1450th Commander
Porter, C D
Pvt 326th 28 May to 1234th, MOS 345
Porter, N D
2nd Lt R-49 Transferred 467th BG
Porter, R A
2nd Lt 858th 1943, Engineering Officer
Porter, W O
S/Sgt 492nd 28 May to 1450th
Posner, T J
S/Sgt 603 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Potter, F A
Maj 492nd Flight Surgeon, MOS 3162
Potti, J
Cpl 492nd n/a
Poulos, J P
2nd Lt 858th 1943, Armament Officer
Povich, G
S/Sgt 711 Transferred 44th BG
Powell, J C
S/Sgt 802 KIA 19 May 44
Powell, R M
1st Lt 856th n/a
Powell, W E
Pfc 856th 30 Jul MOS 521 to 590
Powell, W A
S/Sgt 326th squadron supply
Powell, W I
T/Sgt 856th 8 Jul transferred in, MOS 748
Power, B J
Sgt 857th 18 May transferred in, MOS 826
Powers, H F
1st Lt 615 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Pratt, C C
2nd Lt 818 KIA 19 May 44
Pratt, D H
Sgt 856th n/a
Pratt, J
Sgt R-43 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Pratt, R E
Cpl 858th 7 Jun MOS 521 to 747
Prazuch, P W Jr
S/Sgt R-23 Transferred 467th BG
Prescott, A J
2nd Lt R-52 Transferred 467th BG
Presti, P C
S/Sgt 809 POW 7 Jul 44
Prestigiacomo, R
Sgt 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 928
Preston, D E
S/Sgt 714 Transferred 448th BG
Prewitte, W V
1st Lt 916 Transferred 467th BG
Price, C E
Cpl 857th Ground Echelon, MOS 345
Price, R M
1st Lt 859th 8 Jun transferred in
Price, R
2nd Lt 857th 13 Apr in; Assistant Communications Officer
Priley, JW
S/Sgt R-18 Transferred 467th BG
Primavera, A M
Pfc 326th n/a
Prince, P G
T/Sgt R-14 Transferred 801st/492nd BG
Probst, E J
S/Sgt 857th 11 Jul transferred in, MOS 866
Procknow, H O
Cpl 326th 30 Jul MOS 510 to 590
Provino, J C
S/Sgt 479th n/a
Prytulak, D
1st Lt 907 Transferred 467th BG
Puckett, O C
2nd Lt R-11 POW 20 Jun 44
Pugliese, D J
Sgt R-60 Transferred 467th BG
If not assigned to a crew, the Crew column will show the Squadron number (ie; 857th),
Group number (ie; 492nd) or Attached Unit number (ie; 326th) at North Pickenham.
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