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1943 Officer Roster under the Command of Col Pierce
These are the officers that were listed in Oct and Nov of 1943 while the Group was under the command of Col Pierce. About half were soon transferred out of the Group. We have included the 1943 Officer Rosters on this website to assist researchers who are trying to follow the careers of individuals. Some of these officers were listed and shown being away at the time at training schools. We put the city of the training schools in their notes.
Officers listed in alphabetical order
Officer's Name  Rank Serial Number  Position   Notes
Adams, Louis C Jr Maj O-022616 Deputy Group Commander Orlando.
Alexander, Edwin J Jr 2nd Lt O-668692 Bomabrdier 859 BS.
Arms, Lester A 2nd Lt O-688696 Group Bomabrdier Orlando.
Barrett, John F Capt O-394964 Flt Commander Blythe.
Battle, William L Maj O-254068 Executive Officer 858 BS.
Bennett, Paul 2nd Lt O-864713 Engineering Officer 857 BS.
Blackwell, Charles M 2nd Lt O-669171 Bombardier 859 BS.
Blackwood, Seymour E 1st Lt O-567327 Adjutant 859 BS. Blythe.
Boyd, Kenneth A 2nd Lt O-525250 Pilot 859 BS.
Bremena, Anthony G 2nd Lt O-513205   859 BS. Name hard to read.
Briggs, Jesse 2nd Lt O-669182 Bombardier 857 BS. Orlando.
Byrne, Austin P 1st Lt O-025011 Operations Officer 857 BS. Orlando.
Caplinger, William Jr 2nd Lt O-668703 Bombardier 859 BS.
Carlson, Lester A Jr 2nd Lt O-864033 Engineering Officer 856 BS. Orlando.
Carroll, James P 2nd Lt O-804367 Navigator 859 BS.
Chandler, William N 2nd Lt O-795356 Assistant Operations Officer 857 BS. New Haven, Conn.
Chido, Carl E Capt O-486609 Group Engineering Officer  
Chin, Henry W F 2nd Lt O-864034 Engineering Officer
Equipment Officer
858 BS.
Cory, Airel J Capt O-907058 Intelligence Officer 856 BS. Orlando.
Culwell, Robert W 2nd Lt O-685550 Navigator 859 BS.
Curray, Tom M 1st Lt O-348429 Intelligence Officer 859 BS. Orlando. Name might be Curran.
Darelius, Roderick G Capt O-416278 Group Assistant
Operations Officer
Davis, Furman 2nd Lt O-685553 Navigator 859 BS.
Edwards, Harold H 2nd Lt O-685564 Navigator 859 BS.
Ferer, Walter C Capt O-495881 AME 857 BS. Orlando.
Finney, James H 2nd Lt O-864193 Armament Officer 856 BS. Seattle.
Franks, Leo W Capt O-917663 Group Intelligence Officer Orlando.
Free, Lee C Capt O-348571 Adjutant 856 BS.
Garfinkle, Albert D 1st Lt O-294732 Communications Officer 858 BS. Orlando.
Garland, Robert J 2nd Lt O-861057 Communications Officer 857 BS. Orlando.
Gordon, David T 2nd Lt O-650521 Group Statisical Officer  
Gracy, Charles M 2nd Lt O-1552501 Ordinance Officer 859 BS.
Graham, Herbert W 2nd Lt O-685933 Navigator 856 BS. Blythe.
Green, Alvin H 2nd Lt O-447072 Engineering officer 857 BS. Orlando.
Green, Frank R 1st Lt O-659373 Pilot 859 BS. Harlington, Texas.
Haag, Frank P 2nd Lt O-794402 Pilot 859 BS.
Haag, George B Jr 2nd Lt O-794403 Pilot 859 BS.
Haese, William R 2nd Lt O-864979 Engineering Officer Orlando.
Halverson, Leif 2nd Lt O-685600 Navigator 859 BS.
Hambaugh, Robert P Capt O-421691 Squadron Commander 858 BS. Orlando
Harding, Bernard N 2nd Lt O-522768 Operations Officer 859 BS.
Hartman, James L 1st Lt O-577855 Group Assistant
Engineering Officer
Hauger, Jack H 2nd Lt O-802562 Pilot 859 BS.
Heaton, Donald H Capt O-023705 Squadron Commander 857 BS. Orlando.
Hedges, Robert E 2nd Lt O-685606 Navigator 858 BS. Blythe.
Hershey, Raymond S 2nd Lt O-800938 Pilot 859 BS.
Johnson, Malcolm C 2nd Lt O-795759 Pilot 859 BS.
Kehoe, Nicholas B Jr 1st Lt O-659380   Hartford, Conn.
Kelly, Rogers C 1st Lt O-914286 Intelligence Officer 858 BS. Orlando.
Ketchen, John C 2nd Lt O-864198 Armament Officer 859 BS. Seattle.
Konstand, Gus 2nd Lt O-794428 Pilot 859 BS.
Lawson, Edward L 1st Lt O-916543 Intelligence Officer 856 BS.
Liggett, Robert C 1st Lt O-795060 Pilot 857 BS. Orlando.
Lofdahl, Charles W 2nd Lt O-668713 Bombardier 856 BS. Orlando.
Losee, John F Capt O-386510 Squadron Commander 856 BS. Orlando.
Lutonsky, Luke S 1st Lt O-659951 Navigator 858 BS. Orlando.
Lyons, John 2nd Lt O-668714 Bombardier 858 BS. Orlando.
Mahoney, James J Capt O-416320 Squadron Commander 859 BS. Orlando.
Maloney, Andrew J 1st Lt O-916040 Intelligence Officer 859 BS.
Manion, James J 2nd Lt O-572497 Intelligence Officer 857 BS.
McConnell, Joseph J Capt O-480743 AME 856 BS. Orlando.
McCracken, Ned R 2nd Lt O-865276 Armament Officer 858 BS. Orlando. Also served as Group Armament Officer.
McMurray, David P 2nd Lt O-796852 Pilot 859 bs.
Meyer, Robert G 2nd Lt O-733264 Navigator 856 BS. Orlando.
Miller, Donald 2nd Lt O-796423 Pilot 859 BS.
Murrill, Edwin L Capt O-244605 Group Communications Officer Orlando.
O'Rourke, Daniel J Capt O-423270 Group Adjutant  
Ogden, Michael J 2nd Lt O-575798 Group Intelligence Officer  
Ogden, William E 1st Lt O-665101 Pilot 859 BS. Harlington, Texas.
Orthman, Harry L 2nd Lt O-522765 Pilot 859 BS.
Parker, Sheldon C Capt O-288411 Adjutant 857 BS.
Pascual, Raymond 2nd Lt O-668755 Bombardier 858 BS. Blythe.
Perelman, Leo 2nd Lt O-582230 Communications Officer 856 BS. Orlando.
Pierce, Arthur J Col O-021520 Group Commander  
Pittamn Ray L 1st Lt O-431304 Pilot 857 BS. Orlando.
Porter, Rufus A 2nd Lt O-864998 Engineering Officer 858 BS. Orlando.
Potter, Floyd A Capt O-400929 Flight Surgeon Orlando
Poulos, John P 2nd Lt O-862766 Armament Officer 858 BS. Orlando.
Rankin, John G 1st Lt O-659758 Pilot 858 BS. Harlington, Texas.
Roads, Carl B Jr 2nd Lt O-675120 Pilot 859 BS.
Robertson, Alfred V Maj O-172861 Executive Officer 856 BS.
Robinson, Berl 1st Lt O-426336 Squadron Navigator 857 BS. Orlando.
Rogers, James P 1st Lt O-429700 Pilot 858 BS. Orlando.
Rybarczyk, Luke S 2nd Lt O-668786 Bombardier 856 BS. Blythe.
Schepis, Thomas F Capt O-431308 Operations Officer 856 BS. Orlando.
Schonzeit, Marvin 2nd Lt O-668790 Bombardier 858 BS. Blythe.
Selliken, Joseph H Capt O-303303 Executive Officer 859 BS.
Simonds, Eugene T 1st Lt O-423512 Group Navigator Orlando.
Smith, Cador O Capt O-470257 Group Assistant Adjutant  
Smith, Herschel L 1st Lt O-660298 Pilot 859 BS. Orlando.
Smith, Jack F 2nd Lt O-861749 BSM 856 BS. Blythe.
Smith, John W 1st Lt O-789824 Navigator 859 BS. Orlando.
Smith, Karl K 1st Lt O-1894593 Crypt Sec Officer 859 BS.
Sorenson, Victor H 2nd Lt O-668808 Bombardier 857 BS. Blythe.
Spadone, Charles P 2nd Lt O-668811 Bombardier 859 BS.
Spivack, Saymour R Capt O-381210 AME 859 BS. Orlando.
Steinhoff, Spencer D 1st Lt O-282304 Group Assistant
Supply Officer
Stephens, Gordon L 2nd Lt O-732990 Supply and Trans 859 bs.
Sullivan, Arthur D Capt O-294732 Adjutant 858 BS.
Tavel, David 2nd Lt O-862365 Communications Officer 859 BS. Orlando.
Taylor, Donald J Maj O-315390 Executive officer 857 BS.
Taylor, John J 1st Lt O-421636 Pilot 859 BS. Orlando.
Testa, John J 1st Lt O-659413 Pilot 858 BS. Orlando.
Tipler, Robert J 1st Lt O-279964 AME 858 BS.
Tumlin, William N Jr 1st Lt O-268918 Intelligence Officer 857 BS. Orlando.
Turnbull, John I Maj O-399733 Group Operations Officer Orlando.
Val Preda, Peter 1st Lt O-659420 Pilot 856 BS. Orlando.
Vaughn, Ralph J 2nd Lt O-912728 Group Photo Inter Orlando.
Wallace, William W 2nd Lt O-579566 Supply Officer 859 BS.
Walls, Fletcher E 2nd Lt O-579569 Supply and Trans 858 BS.
Weishaar, Harold C 2nd Lt O-864435 Armament Officer 857 BS. Orlando.
West, Joseph H Lt Col O-116628 Group Executive Officer  
Wiley, Alfred E 2nd Lt O-795193 Pilot 859 BS. New Haven, Conn.
Wing, Norman S 2nd Lt O-579692 Supply and Trans 856 BS.
Winton, Stanley F 2nd Lt O-861120 Communications Officer 856 BS.
Zielinski, Urban J 1st Lt O-573870 Intelligence Officer 858 BS. Blythe.
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