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R Murray 330th CCTS Crew 1662
 R Murray 330th CCTS Crew 1662
Back row, left to right...
Norman Burns, navigator
Donald Girty, co-pilot
Robert Murray, pilot
J J Humphrey, bombardier
Front row, left to right...
Miles Toepper, gunner
Joseph Anzalone, gunner
Martin Cookerow, gunner
Warren Branch , gunner
Lawrence Gerlinsky, gunner
R Murray 330th CCTS Crew 1662 Summary
First of all, don't confuse this Murray with Alvin Murray, the pilot of Crew 709.
The R Murray Crew completed their CCTS (Combat Crew Training School) with the 330th CCTS in Biggs, Texas. They were in the final batch of 32 crews transferred to the 492nd in Alamogordo, New Mexico on 03 Mar 44.
The R Murray Crew was split up and its members went to the crews of Val Preda 601, Gaulke 602, Daly 605 and Haar 912. We don't know yet what happened to Robert Murray or his bombardier.
The photo above lists crew members that differ from our records below. We hope to sort things out soon.
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Val Preda Crew 601
Gaulke Crew 602
Hurley Crew 604
Hamilton Crew 604
Daly Crew 605
Menweg Crew 908
Haar Crew 912
Original Roster
R Murray CCTS Crew 1662
Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Murray, Robert E 2nd Lt O-6865584 Reassignment unknown.
MOS 1024
Girty, Donald 2nd Lt O-815461 Assigned to the 859th BS, Menweg Crew 908.
MOS 1034
Burns, Norman E 2nd Lt O-703941 Assigned to the 856th BS, Val Preda Crew 601.
MOS 1035
Humphrey, James J 2nd Lt O-685403 Reassignment unknown.
MOS 748
Gerlinski, Lawerence Sgt 36291993 Assigned to the 859th BS, Haar Crew 912.
MOS 757
  Sgt   No Radio Operator transferred in with this crew.
MOS 612
Anzolone, Joseph A Sgt 20217939 Assigned to the 856th BS, Daly Crew 605.
MOS 611
Toepper, Miles L Pfc 36655469 Assigned to the 856th BS, Val Preda Crew 601.
MOS 611
Branch, Warren G Pfc 13062826 Assigned to the 856th BS, Gaulke Crew 602.
MOS 611
Cookerow, Martin Jr Sgt 16136469 Assigned to the 856th BS, Hurley/Hamilton Crew 604. Went to England on the Queen Elizabeth with the 856th BS.
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