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Kehoe Crew 613
 Kehoe Crew 613
Back row, left to right...
Henry G Gendreizig, original pilot
Gerald E Baarsch, co-pilot
Monroe J Behrens, navigator
Armond L Hankin, bombardier
Lanta W Redmond Jr, armorer, gunner
Not in the photo...
Nicholas B Kehoe, pilot
Front row, left to right...
William J Seufert, radio operator
Charles W Allen, engineer
Elbert E Ester, gunner
Herman E Beasley, gunner
Elbert E Ester, gunner
George S Cavanaugh, gunner
Kehoe Crew 613 Summary
Lt Kehoe had been with the 492nd since the Col Pierce command in 1943. He had been serving as the 856th Squadron Assistant Operations Officer. After the Group began flying missions, it was decided to have Lt Kehoe and Capt Gendreizig trade jobs.
By our count, Lt Kehoe flew as the aircraft commander for Crew 612 for a total of 6 missions plus an aborted one. We're don't know exactly who flew on each mission. But this crew was a Lead Crew.
On 20 Jun 44, they led the group's low left squadron to bomb the heavily defended oil refineries at Politz. On the way to target, just as they reached Rugen Island, they were attacked by enemy fighters. Kehoe recalls, "A loud explosion was my first indication that we had been hit. When I turned around the whole flight deck was in flames." His co-pilot left his seat to see if he could put the fire out. The whole plane was filled with smoke and for a time no one could see. Kehoe gave the order to bail, but wasn't sure if the bell or intercom was working. As the smoke semi-cleared a few minutes later, Kehoe discovered he was the only one left in the plane.
Kehoe's first thought was to try to return to England and he began heading west towards Denmark. He feathered one of the two shot-up engines but could not feather the other. He put his plane on auto-pilot and went back to try and put out the fire. As he approached the flak guns on the Danish coast, he knew he wasn't going to make it much further. He turned north hoping his plane might make Sweden, but even that seemed doubtful.
Somehow Kehoe made it to Sweden, but he knew there was no way he could land the plane there, so he had to bail. But first he turned his plane around to head southwards to Germany so it would crash into the sea. He jumped. As he was going down he saw his plane turn itself around and crash into a mountainside. Soon after landing he was picked up and fed by the locals before being turned over to the Swedish Army.
Of the ten others who had bailed, only two, Grossman and Redmond, were lucky enough to be picked up by German patrol boats near Sassnitz, located towards the northern tip of Rugen Island. The rest were reported to have washed up ashore during late July and throughout August.
Some of the bodies were recovered, buried locally and then reburied at the American Cemetery at the Ardennes. Cavanaugh was found on 19 July 44. A few days later, Allen was discovered on 24 July 44. Hankin and Ester were both found on 6 August 44. Only Cavanaugh's body was returned to the US.
Lt Bassing's body surfaced on 2 Aug 44 in Bay Tromper Wiek, northwest of Sassnitz. He was buried locally, but his grave ID was lost. He is listed on the wall of the missing in the Netherlands.
On the following day, parts of Beasley's body were discovered in the sea. The locals gave him a sea burial off the shores of the Gohren - Rugen area. He is listed on the wall of the missing in the Netherlands.
The bodies of Carroll and Seufert were never found. They are listed on the wall of the missing at Cambridge.
The final casualty count for this crew is 8 KIA, 2 POW and 1 interned in Sweden. MACR 7074
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posed in front of
"Flak Happy"
Gendreizig CCT 1632
Gendreizig Crew 613
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Kehoe Crew 613
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Mission Record
Original Roster for
Kehoe Crew 613
Position / MOS Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Kehoe, Nicholas B 2nd Lt O-659380 Assistant Operations Officer
Flew over to UK with Sachtleben Crew 607
Took over Gendreizig Crew 613
Promoted to 1st Lt
Interned in Sweden, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
MOS 1024
Baarsch, Gerald E 2nd Lt O-702216 Reassigned to Ogden Crew 606
3 Jul 44; transferred to 44th BG, 66th BS
MOS 1034
Behrens, Monroe J 2nd Lt O-704555 28 May; sent to 482nd for 30 day training
No record of his return
MOS 1035
Hankin, Armond L 2nd Lt O-695814 KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried in Ardennes, D-13-15
MOS 748
Allen, Charles W S/Sgt 39555395 Promoted T/Sgt
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried in Ardennes, B-36-45
MOS 757
Seufert, William J S/Sgt 35789596 Promoted T/Sgt
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Wall of the Missing, Cambridge
Ball Gunner
MOS 748
Beasley, Herman E Sgt 14151017 Promoted S/Sgt
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Wall of the Missing, Netherlands
Tail Gunner
MOS 748
Ester, Elbert E S/Sgt 39553701 KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried in Ardennes, B-37-22
RW Gunner
MOS 748
Cavanaugh, George S Sgt 15394280 Promoted S/Sgt
KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried in the USA
LW Gunner
MOS 612
Redmond, Lanta W Jr Sgt 34802235 Promoted S/Sgt
POW, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074, Stalag Luft IV
  Others Who Flew with Kehoe Crew 613
MOS 1024
Bassing, Charles H 2nd Lt O-759163 KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Buried at Altenkirchen, grave ID lost
Wall of the Missing, Netherlands
MOS 1034
Carroll, James P 1st Lt O-804367 KIA, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074
Wall of the Missing, Cambridge
MOS 1034
Grossman, Milton 2nd Lt O-678716 From Bowland Crew R-11
POW, 20 Jun 44, MACR 7074, Satlag Luft III
Kehoe Crew 613
492nd BG Mission Record
856th Bomb Squadron
Primary Target Mission Notes
 Link to Mission 02 page 02
12 May 44 44-40112 Zeitz, Germany Target: Oil refinery
 Link to Mission 06 page 06
21 May 44   Siracourt, France Target: Crossbow (V-1 rockets)
 Link to Mission 09 page 09
25 May 44 44-40163 Belfort, France Target: Marshalling yard
 Link to Mission 17 page 17
06 Jun 44 44-40112 Normandy, France Target: D-Day invasion coast
Aborted, uncredited
 Link to Mission 23 page 23
11 Jun 44 44-40112 La Possonniere, France Target: Marshalling yard
Led B section
 Link to Mission 31 page 31
18 Jun 44 44-40161 Luneburg, Germany Target: Airfield
Lead Ship
Bombed target of opportunity
 Link to Mission 34 page 34
20 Jun 44 44-40112 Politz, Germany Target: Oil refinery
Led B Section
Lost after bombing target
8 KIA, 2 POW, 1 interned in Sweden
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