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Flanagan Crew 705
Frantz Crew 803 / Flanagan Crew 705
Many of the Flanagan Crew 705 while they were the Frantz Crew 803 in training in the USA.
Left to right...
Willis Van Fossen, gunner
Albert Miesse, ball turret gunner
Francis Quigley, radio operator
Ray Shelton, engineer
Alfred Falconi, gunner
(replaced by James O'Brian)
Continuing left to right...
Lionel Lowery, co-pilot
(replaced early by Jack Flanagan)
Howard Anderson, navigator
Stanley Zaritsky, bombardier
Ralph Frantz, pilot
(eventually replaced by Jack Flanagan)
Not in the photo...
Edward Hogan, gunner
Flanagan Crew 705 Summary
After Lt Frantz was injured by flak, his co-pilot, Lt Flanagan, took over the helm as pilot. It was a temporary assignment until Frantz recovered. That's one of the things that co-pilots were called upon to do.
By this time the 858th BS had been cut from the Group. The squadron's staff went to the 8th Composite Command for leaflet dropping operations while the rest of the men and planes were reassigned to one of the other three squadrons. The Frantz Crew 803 went to the 857th and was redesignated as Crew 705.
According to our count, Flanagan led this Crew on 5 more missions plus an aborted one. The mission record below continues from where Frantz left off. We don't know if there were any personnel substitutions on any of the missions. We do know that the whole crew was together, including Frantz as pilot, when they were transferred to the 389th BG on 10 Aug 44.
On their last mission with the Group, they had a good scare. They substained heavy flak damage over the target area which ended up costing them two engines and almost a third one. Their hydraulics were shot as well as their tail skid and one tire.
Somehow they were able to reach England where they were directed to make an emergency landing at Metfield, home of the 491st BG. Lt Flanagan was able to make a controlled crashlanding and everyone walked away. The only man in need of medical treatment was Lt Zaritsky, who was wounded from pieces of plexiglass broken by flak.
The Group's final report wrote the aircraft off as being totaled. Of course, the Group itself was disbanded a few days later. What they didn't know was that the plane was repaired and put back into service. Other records show it flew with the 446th BG and was returned to the US during the following year.
For the earlier history of the Flanagan Crew, see the Frantz Crew 803 link. To continue researching the Crew's history, try the 389th Bomb Group website.
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Frantz Crew 803
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Flanagan Crew 705
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Mission Record
389th BG
Original Roster for
Flanagan Crew 705
Position / MOS Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Flanagan, Jack O 2nd Lt O-811058 Promoted 1st Lt
10 Aug; transferred as co-pilot w/Frantz Crew 705 to 389th BG
ASN seen as O-811053
MOS 1024
Graven, Thomas 1st Lt O-702268 From G Haag Crew 706
Filled in while Frantz was recovering
Transferred to 44th w/Crew 706
Seen name as Gaven
MOS 1034
Anderson, Howard F 1st Lt O-795274 10 Aug; transferred to 389th BG
MOS 1035
Zaritsky, Stanley A 2nd Lt O-755143 Promoted 1st Lt
10 Aug; transferred to 389th BG
MOS 748
Shelton, Ray T S/Sgt 38426796 Promoted T/Sgt
10 Aug; transferred to 389th BG
MOS 757
Quigley, Francis D S/Sgt 32314073 Promoted T/Sgt
10 Aug; transferred to 389th BG
MOS 612
O'Brian, James J Sgt 32208913 Promoted S/Sgt
10 Aug; transferred to 389th BG
MOS 611
Van Fossen, Willis J Sgt 39460534 Promoted S/Sgt
10 Aug; transferred to 389th BG
MOS 612
Miesse, Albert Sgt 35627067 Promoted S/Sgt
10 Aug; transferred to 389th BG
MOS 611
Hogan, Edward B Sgt 39004708 Promoted S/Sgt
10 Aug; transferred to 389th BG
Flanagan Crew 705
492nd BG Mission Record
857th Bomb Squadron
Primary Target Mission Notes
 Link to Mission 48 page 48
11 Jul 44 42-51091 Munich, Germany Target: Railroad station
 Link to Mission 50 page 50
13 Jul 44 44-40071 Saarbrucken, Germany Target: Marshalling yard
Bombed w/44th BG
 Link to Mission 51 page 51
16 Jul 44 42-51091 Saarbrucken, Germany Target: Marshalling yard
 Link to Mission 56 page 56
24 Jul 44 42-51091 St Lo area, France Target: Tactical
 Link to Mission 57 page 57
25 Jul 44 42-51091 St Lo area, France Target: Tactical
Aborted, uncredited
 Link to Mission 65 page 65
6 Aug 44 42-51091 Hamburg, Germany Target: Oil refinery
Crashlanded at Metfield, 1 WIA
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