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Haar Crew 912
 Haar Crew 912
Back row, left to right...
Ernie Haar, pilot
George Warner, co-pilot
Gordon Houser, navigator
Albert Weidman, bombardier
Front row, left to right...
Floyd Kingsley, engineer
Lawrence Gerlinski, top turret gunner
Ralph Alexander, ball turret gunner
John Finneran, tail gunner
Ellis Ross, waist gunner
Carl Brown, radio operator
Haar Crew 912 Summary
The Haar Crew was one of the original crews for the 492nd BG that trained in Alamogordo, New Mexico. They transferred in as crew 1106 from the 32nd CCTS (Crew Combat Training School) in Tucson, Arizona, on 5 Jan 44. They were assigned to the 859th BS, designated as Crew 912.
Soon after arriving to Alamogordo, two of the crewmen requested to be reassigned to ground duty. They were replaced Ross and Gerlinski. This crew remained intact until after flying a couple of combat missions out of North Pickenham.
Lt Ernest Haar signed out for a B-24J, 44-40068. The ship was given the nickname UMBRIAGO after a popular song of the day by Jimmy Durante. In April 1944, they flew their assigned aircraft to North Pickenham, England, via the southern route. Their ground Crew Chief T/Sgt Scarlott flew with them, thus bumping Pfc Ross onto the Queen Elizabeth.
By our count, Haar flew as the aircraft commander for Crew 912 for 24 missions plus an aborted one. We can't be positive of all of the personnel changes on some of their missions. There were changes made within the crew.
After two missions were under their belt, two of the NCOs, Calicchio and Foster, were lent out to Brantley Crew 905 to fill in for some sick crewmen that were grounded. The Brantley plane didn't return. Their spots were filled by Brown and Alexander from the dismantled Jaques Crew 909. Captain Jaques had been promoted to serve in the 858th BS staff.
About the same time, Lt Schorr was reassigned to serve as a mission observer. His new function was to witness and record the efficiency of bombing strikes. Later on, Schorr was reassigned to the Beatty Crew R-42 as their co-pilot. Lt Schorr was replaced by Lt Warner from the 856th BS.
The photo above was taken, 10 July 44, after the three personnel changes were made to the crew. This was the crew that flew most of the missions together.
The Crew transferred to the 467th BG during August when the 492nd was disbanded. There they were assigned to the 788th BS and were redesignated as Crew 12. They finished their tour with them.
Most of the men were sent home after finishing their tour. Some of the officers were reassigned to serve as instructors.
Ernie Haar went to the 61st Troop Carrier Group to teach C-47 pilots to fly C-109s, which are B-24s converted into cargo planes. As a passenger, he was almost killed when another plane collided into the one he was on. His story, along with crash photos, can be found on his bio page.
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Haar CCT 1106
Murray CCT 1662
Jaques Crew 909
Brantley Crew 905
Beatty Crew R-42
Haar, E J
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Haar Crew 912
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Mission Record
467th BG
Original Roster for
Haar Crew 912
Position / MOS Name Rank Serial # Notes
MOS 1024
Haar, Ernest J
2nd Lt O-811070 29 May, promoted 1st Lt
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
Completed combat tour
Assigned to 61st Troop Carrier Group
C-109 Pilot Instructor
18 Dec, injured in mid-air collision
MOS 1024
Schorr, Jerome N
2nd Lt O-814987 Reassigned to squadron staff
Reassigned to Beatty Crew R-42
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
MOS 1034
Houser, Gordon W 2nd Lt O-699932 10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
MOS 1035
Weidman, Albert B 2nd Lt O-695569 10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
MOS 748
Kingsley, Floyd R S/Sgt 16000141 15 May, promoted T/Sgt
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
Seen name as Kingley
MOS 757
Calicchio, Frank A S/Sgt 31294399 15 May, promoted T/Sgt
Lent to Brantley Crew 905 for a day
KIA, 19 May 44, MACR 5247
Seen name as Galicchio
MOS 611
Ross, Ellis W Pfc 37538223 Arrived to the UK via the Queen Elizabeth
Promoted Sgt
1 Jun, promoted S/Sgt
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
Top turret
MOS 748
Gerlinski, Lawrence Pvt 36291993 Obtained from Robert Murray CCTS 1662
15 May, promoted Cpl
1 Jun, promoted Sgt
15 Jun, promoted S/Sgt
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
Seen name as Gerlinsky
Ball Turret
MOS 612
Foster, John F Cpl 20756379 Promoted Sgt
Lent to Brantley Crew 905
KIA, 19 May 44, MACR 5247
Tail Gunner
MOS 611
Finneran, John V Sgt 31271630 15 May, promoted S/Sgt
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
Seen name as Finnerman
  Others Who Flew with Haar Crew 912
Crew Chief
MOS 750
Scarlett, William A T/Sgt 15070962 Flew to England with the crew
15 May, promoted M/Sgt
Seen name as Scarlott
MOS 757
Brown, Carl L T/Sgt 33408872 Replaced Calicchio
Obtained from Jaques Crew 909
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
Ball Turret
MOS 612
Alexander, Ralph W S/Sgt 06247961 Replaced Foster
Obtained from Jaques Crew 909
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
MOS 1024
Warner, George A 2nd Lt O-813083 Replaced Schorr
Don't know where he came from
10 Aug 44, transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS
MOS 1024
Mahoney, James J Lt Col O-416320 859th Squadron Commander
MOS 2161
Green, Frank R 1st Lt O-6959373 859th BS Assistant Operations Officer
MOS 2161
Edwin J Jr
Capt O-6686692 859th BS Bombardier Officer
Haar Crew 912
492nd BG Mission Record
859th Bomb Squadron
Primary Target Mission Notes
 Link to Mission 02 page 02
12 May 44 44-40068 Zeitz, Germany Target: Oil refinery
Bombed bridge in Frankfort
 Link to Mission 03 page 03
13 May 44   Tutow, Germany Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 06 page 06
21 May 44   Siracourt, France Target: Crossbow (V-1 rockets)
 Link to Mission 07 page 07
23 May 44   Avord, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 08 page 08
24 May 44 44-40068 Melun, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 11 page 11
28 May 44 44-40068 Zeitz, Germany Target: Oil refinery
 Link to Mission 13 page 13
30 May 44 44-40068 Rotenburg, Germany Target: Air depot
 Link to Mission 15 page 15
2 Jun 44 44-40068 Berck-sur-Mer, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 18 page 18
6 Jun 44 42-51115 Caen, France Target: D-Day invasion coast
 Link to Mission 20 page 20
8 Jun 44 44-40068 Angers, France Target: Railroad junction
 Link to Mission 22 page 22
10 Jun 44 44-40068 Orleans/Bricy, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 25 page 25
12 Jun 44 44-40068 Dreux, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 26 page 26
14 Jun 44 44-40131 Emmerich, Germany Target: Oil refinery
 Link to Mission 31 page 31
18 Jun 44 44-40068 Luneburg, Germany Target: Airfield
Bombed Nordenham
 Link to Mission 33 page 33
19 Jun 44 44-40068 Courbronne, France Target: Crossbow (V-1 rockets)
 Link to Mission 34 page 34
20 Jun 44 44-40068 Politz, Germany Target: Oil refinery
 Link to Mission 39 page 39
23 Jun 44 44-40132 Juvincourt, France Target: Airfield
 Link to Mission 40a page 40a
25 Jun 44 44-40068 La Vaupeliere, France Target: Tactical
 Link to Mission 41 page 41
27 Jun 44 44-40068 Creil, France Target: Marshalling yard
 Link to Mission 49 page 49
12 Jul 44 44-40290 Munich, Germany Target: Railroad station
Deputy Lead B Section, took over when Smith was lost
 Link to Mission 50 page 50
13 Jul 44 44-40290 Saarbrucken, Germany Target: Marshalling yard
Bombed w/458th BG
 Link to Mission 55 page 55
21 Jul 44 42-50719 Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany Target: Aircraft factory
Led B Section
Aborted, uncredited
 Link to Mission 58 page 58
29 Jul 44 42-50719 Oslebhausen, Germany Target: Oil refinery
Led B Section w/Taylor
 Link to Mission 59 page 59
31 Jul 44 42-50719 Ludwigshafen, Germany Target: Chemical plant
 Link to Mission 61 page 61
3 Aug 44 42-50719 Mery-sur-Oise, France Target: Crossbow (V-1 rockets)
Damaged by flak
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